Sanofi, Regeneron launch new Dupixent asthma TV ad urging patients to 'Du More' water sliding

The long-running “Du More” motif for Sanofi and Regeneron’s immunology blockbuster Dupixent is looking to make a splash with its first new commercial of 2023.

In the 60-second spot, “It's Possible: Water Slide, Groceries, Kites,” the Dupixent makers urge asthma patients to “Du More” (a play on the Dupixent name) by sliding down a major water slide as well as doing the grocery shopping, flying a kite or fixing up an RV.

“Ready to feel what it’s like to do more with less asthma?” the narrator asks as we see people going from the exciting to the mundane and makes a focus on the drug’s asthma license in the U.S., which is indicated as an add-on treatment.

This follows last year’s “Du More” ad that zeroed in on kickboxing, with the same background music and similar narration, and was also specific for its asthma label.

Dupixent also has an FDA license in eczema and several ads specific to that indication. The most recent, "Grace and Jolie," first aired in November and focused on younger kids doing the sports they love and not letting dermatological issues get in the way.

Sanofi and Regeneron spent more on TV drug ads for Dupixent in 2021 than any other drug but came in a close second to fierce rival Rinvoq, a competing immunology drug from AbbVie, last year.

Both are battling it out on the airwaves, and, clearly, Sanofi and Regeneron are looking to hit the ground running with this latest ad.