Clovis Oncology may have ditched development of cancer treatment rociletinib years ago, but the drug will cost the company more than $20 million.

Move over, Siri and Alexa: There’s a new voice in town. Meet Sophia, Novo Nordisk’s first chatbot built specifically for people with diabetes.

At least three new emergency epinephrine marketers are challenging longtime market leader Mylan and its EpiPen.

AZ struck out in May in trying to expand Fasenra into COPD. But it does have new long-term data that could bolster the drug in its current indication.

After months of pretrial proceedings and four weeks at trial, Imerys chose to settle a mesothelioma case in California.

The policy revelation shows just how eager Novartis is in addressing some latest ethics shortfalls.

Zika vaccine research continues in the absence of a large-scale outbreak, but a shortage of cases is making it hard to test for efficacy.

GlaxoSmithKline has made a small investment in a manufacturing site in Canada in part to make an OTC pain reliever.