Bristol-Myers Squibb already has one Opdivo approval in previously treated head and neck cancer, but it won’t make that two.

Only a sliver of Nick Leschly’s 2018 haul came in cash, which means shares will have to recover for that pay to become a payoff.

A contractor has opened a new plant in Iran to make meds for Merck KGaA exclusively with a capacity of up to 7 billion solid doses.

Sun Pharma has been issued a Form 483, Catalent is investing $14 million at a facility in Germany and more manufacturing news of note.

With Yescarta on the market and other CAR-Ts on their way, Gilead’s Kite Pharma planted the flag for another manufacturing site.

After supply constraints hindered Shingrix's launch last year, GSK is planning to expand adjuvant manufacturing operations in Montana.

After Biogen's Alzheimer's disease trial failure last month, executives are working to ease investor concern about the company's future.

The Justice Department has filed felony criminal charges against a New York pharmaceutical distributor and two of its executives.

Digital advertising is booming in pharma and healthcare, and it's expected to rise to $10 billion in 2020.