A bellwether trial for thousands of opioid lawsuits is set to begin today. With settlement talks swirling, will the trial end before it begins?

An FDA warning letter lays out failures by a Torrent Pharmaceuticals plant that figures into the global recall of tainted high blood pressure meds.

A Missouri jury in 2017 ordered Johnson & Johnson to pay $110 million to plaintiff Lois Slemp, but now the verdict has been overturned.

While investors don't fancy megamergers, smaller deals in oncology could be the winning ticket, analysts have found.

Gilead Sciences has found a new chief financial officer in an appointment that has mergers and acquisitions written all over it.

Pfizer's role as the hero in ramping up production of a chemo drug badly needed by pediatric oncologists is a turnabout for the drugmaker.

Johnson & Johnson is dealing with $2 billion in patent losses in 2019, but has 10 drugs growing at double-digit percentages, executives said Tuesday.

Sanofi, which has been testing robots and new production methods, has finally pulled it all together into a near sentient manufacturing operation.

In a $200 million buy, emerging markets-focused Swiss pharma Acino International will pick up about 30 Takeda products in the Middle East and Africa.

Transparency in drug pricing sounds like a great idea, but a new study finds that almost none of the state laws provide real price insights.