Rather than routine use, Kisqali’s coverage on NHS is available only through the Cancer Drugs Fund, the same limitation Verzenio got in the field.

As the U.S. opioid crisis raged, the public didn't know how many pills were hitting the market. Newly unsealed DEA numbers offer some answers.

Several Johnson & Johnson drugs are contributing strong growth, but some struggling medicines weighed on the company's overall performance.

J&J has received its fair share of barbs Oklahoma's bench trial. Whether it'll be held responsible for the state's opioid crisis is now up…

Novartis’ plan to launch over 10 potential blockbuster drugs or new indications by 2021 is quickly unfolding with a priority review for crizanlizumab.

J&J's pharma unit is still on the upswing, thanks to newer meds like Stelara, but execs had to explain disappointing numbers from two blockbusters.

Brace yourselves: Two 2020 candidates rolled tough drug-pricing plans in just two days. And rougher waters lie ahead, analysts say.

Evoke is continuing to grow its talent with the hire of Jennifer O’Dwyer as its new president of North America.