Takeda made two R&D deals, China's crackdown on pollution causes pharma supply issues, Merck KGaA plans production expansions in Asia.

Highly anticipated phase 3 results for Novo Nordisk’s semaglutide, are here, and rival Eli Lilly's investors are taking note. 

Look out, Amgen, Allergan, et al. PBMs are eyeing your forthcoming meds for pricing pressure—and as hep C drugmakers know, consequences can be brutal.

Regeneron's Eylea has been a hit on the market for years. But now, the number of patients experiencing a rare side effect is climbing.

While industry watchers were anticipating Amazon’s move into prescription drugs, the company snuck into OTC sales with help from Perrigo.

Two politicians who allegedly played a role in the Greek Novartis scandal have filed criminal lawsuits against protected witnesses, according to the Associated…

Psoriasis treatments are getting more effective. But that doesn’t mean patients have easy access to a new-and-improved crop of blockbuster hopefuls.

With Sensipar's patent expiration nearing, Amgen failed in its court battle to win six months of extra protection against generics.