Johnson & Johnson has won FDA approval for Symtuza, a new once-a-day HIV drug, but faces a crowded market that includes Gilead's hot-selling Biktarvy.

Roche touted another win Thursday for Tecentriq. But the way some analysts see things, it may actually be a win for Merck's Keytruda

Baxter has been nailed with a warning letter for a plant in India that it got in its $625 million buyout of Claris Injectables.

With Brexit looming, AstraZeneca has taken up three lines of defense to forestall potential supply disruptions.

Novartis, whose CAR-T cancer treatment Kymriah was approved less than a year ago, today it has run into some manufacturing issues.

Takeda's $585 million Chinese revenue for FY2017 was only one-tenth of what it collected from Japan, and buying Shire won't change that soon.

More than six years after winning approval, obesity drug Belviq has shown it’s heart-safe, but will that help it sell?

​​​​​​​But with six months down and six to go, Humira is on track to keep its pharma TV ad crown for 2018 with spending well ahead of 2017.