Novartis’ prospects for launching a copy of GlaxoSmithKline’s Advair this year just went from highly unlikely to not happening.

Just a few hours after Allergan confirmed that it was in buyout talks for hot target Shire, it said it didn’t intend to make an offer.

Shire has already rebuffed Takeda three times, and now the Japanese drugmaker faces a competing bidder—Allergan.

Not even two months into a probe of officials accused of taking Novartis bribes, Greece's parliament is handing off the investigation.

AstraZeneca is looking to boost its key inhaler with two outcomes-based deals with regional insurers.

Turns out Procter & Gamble didn’t want Pfizer’s consumer health unit after all. But it did want Merck KGaA’s.

The FDA issued a warning letter to Hong Kong-based over-the-counter drugmaker Luen Wah Medicine, citing the company for not testing the identity and strength…

Jérôme Contamine, Sanofi's CFO for nearly a decade, plans to step down later this year after a transition period.