More and more postscandal drugmakers are landing on the same solution for restoring their good name: Change it.

Digital drug ads are gaining on TV in patient awareness and influence, according to a newly released patient study.

Rebuilding Novartis’ rep is job one for CEO Vas Narasimhan after a series of kickback revelations culminated in a full-blown scandal in the U.S.

An AIDS group is asking the court to consider claims that Gilead manipulated the patent system at the expense of patient safety.

Pfizer has joined three Big Pharma peers in a DOJ probe over allegations the companies paid bribes to a terrorist-run Iraqi health ministry.

As Allergan enters a key phase for its late-stage products, it’s bringing in a veteran exec for backup.

Roche routinely appeals property taxes over depreciation on its manufacturing equipment at its South San Francisco campus.

Eli Lilly has chosen not to immediately follow a new California law, which requires it to disclose and justify significant price hikes.