China FDA will take a new form; Celltrion's manufacturing issues might be worse than Teva hoped; Wuxi NextCODE and Google Cloud partner up.

Investors who pressed GSK to slash CEO Emma Walmsley’s pay package before she took the helm probably won’t much like her 2017 compensation.

Pfizer is training pharmacists in the U.K. to handle over-the-counter Viagra.

Despite uncertainty heading into 2017, most drug stocks escaped the stagnation of 2016—some far more than others.

Researchers plan to tackle issues related to accelerated approval, risk comprehension for new drugs, scientific versus promotional claims and TV ads.

The problems at a Celltrion plant that threaten Teva's fremanezumab launch may be less limited than the company had hoped, analysts say.

Pharma has suffered another defeat in the state-by-state war over drug prices.

Takeda has rolled out Entyvio in multiple Asia-Pacific countries, but the Japanese drugmaker envisions even more growth in the region.

After a bruising two-day play-in, Taltz and Nerlyx are among the victors in our first round of this year’s drug name tournament challenge.