Sen. Tammy Baldwin blasted Pfizer's plan to increase prices in January and called on the company to release details about its costs, plus more.

​​​​​​​AbbVie is pushing its time-to-cure advantage in new ads for hepatitis C treatment Mavyret that emphasize a cure “in only 8 weeks.”

The most recent inspection of Pfizer's troubled injectables plant in McPherson, Kansas, found eight observations, seven of them repeats.

Joining the list of top 10 pharma TV spenders were a group of new brands including Aimovig, Mavyret and Truvada.

With an FDA safety review in the rearview mirror, Acadia is back to business on Nuplazid—and launching its first branded ad campaign to boot.

For the second straight year, AstraZeneca is spending the fall launching a hemo-oncology drug.

As part of its $12.5 billion asset swap with Sanofi, BI will cut 327 of its 2,800 workers in France and create 32 new jobs.

Merck & Co. boasted some major sales success this year, but the company’s commercial organization will still get a makeover for 2019.

The Chinese API maker at the heart of a global scare and recall of blood pressure medicines has been savaged in an FDA warning letter.

As J&J vies with biosims to big-selling Remicade, prices across the category are falling, an analyst says—and Pfizer's Inflectra has tumbled the most.