Kickbacks whistleblowers reached their "put up or shut up" moment for producing solid evidence—and didn't, Teva says.

GlaxoSmithKline plans to close its skincare products plants in Sligo, Ireland, and lay off its 165 workers over the next three years.

Another Chinese product using potentially substandard ingredients has slipped through the regulatory cracks into the U.S.

With biosimilar versions of its top drugs on the horizon, Roche's Genentech unit is parting ways with 223 staffers in California.

A cabotegravir/rilpivirine combo as a monthly HIV treatment showed similar efficacy to a standard three-drug therapy.

Whistleblowers alleging Lilly ran a "multi-tiered kickback scheme" will have to rework their complaint after a judge tossed the case.

More and more postscandal drugmakers are landing on the same solution for restoring their good name: Change it.

Digital drug ads are gaining on TV in patient awareness and influence, according to a newly released patient study.