Digital advertising is booming in pharma and healthcare, and it's expected to rise to $10 billion in 2020.

Teva's decision to abandon the cluster headache market gives Eli Lilly and its CGRP med Emgality a shot at dominating the indication.

Move over, Johnson & Johnson—AbbVie just joined the IL-23 party with a direct competitor to Tremfya, and analysts say it might just be best-in-class.…

Novartis is reviewing media buying and planning in a global evaluation of its agency partners.

Novartis is transforming Sandoz into an autonomous unit within the larger company. And it has tapped a former executive to take the reins.

Cosentyx and Entresto delivered strong growth again, but Novartis CEO Vas Narasimhan took pains to explain a death case in a Zolgensma trial.

Bayer Chairman Werner Baumann could face a vote a no confidence from its top investor, BlackRock, Reuters reported.

When Sanofi inked a massive lease in Cambridge Crossing last year, the drugmaker found itself in prime position for another real estate deal.

Lawmakers are looking hard at bills targeting drug-price increases and competition—and as usual, pharma has responded by busting open the piggy bank.