In a head-to-head against Bayer's Nexavar, Opdivo failed to significantly extend patients' lives in newly diagnosed liver cancer patients.

Sun Pharmaceutical has struggled to meet FDA expectations for the manufacturing lines at its key launch plant in Halol, India. The struggles continue.  …

Lions Health shared what worked, what campaigns they wish they had created and what they’ll take back home to talk about with their colleagues.

Rather than cancer, treatments in immunology and rare genetic diseases have grabbed the limelight.

The latest innovation from Roche’s Genentech targets cancer cells via video game to raise awareness of personalized medicine, tumor types and biomarker testing.

From advertising icon to pediatric cancer pal, the Aflac duck has transformed from a TV attention getter to a trusted friend for children with cancer.

Alexion is undergoing a major makeover by moving away from ultra-rare diseases, but it still has more to pursue in an effort to back up Soliris.

Unsatisfied with Bayer’s restructuring plan, one group of analysts is calling on executives to improve communication and consider a two-way split.

ICER has ruled that neither Novartis' $88,500 MS drug Mayzent nor J&J's $32,400 depression spray Spravato is cost effective.