NIIMBL is awarding $32 million in grants for a varied list of projects for improving biologics manufacturing, including for CAR-T drugs.

Pfizer has formed a partnership to manufacture some of its drugs in the rapidly growing Asian market.

The American Hospital Association has crafted a lengthy list of suggestions for addressing drug shortages that include both the carrot and the stick.

Pfizer is offering some 1,700 door-heading employees "an attractive financial scheme that is significantly higher than the legal requirements."

Eli Lilly says it's cutting 250 positions in France through a "voluntary exit plan" as it "modernizes" a Fegersheim plant.

FDA slaps Akorn with warning letter following an inspection of its sterile injectables plant in Illinois.

Here are some other manufacturing news stories we're following.

Mylan shelled out $9.4 million for Ascendis Health’s South African manufacturing plant that is focused on producing antiretrovirals to combat HIV.