U.K.-based CDMO Almac is adding to its U.S. operations with a new building at its site in North Carolina where it says it will house 100 new employees.

Israel-based Teva, whose pledge to unload manufacturing plants in its home country sparked strikes, is reportedly close to selling a site there.

China’s Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical has been named in U.S. litigation after its valsartan API was found to contain a suspected carcinogen.

Another cell manufacturing facility will be built in the U.S., this by a transatlantic biotech in which GlaxoSmithKline owns a sizable share.

Bayer is laying off more than 225 workers at its complex in Berkeley, California, as it reorganizes manufacturing of its three hemophilia treatments.

Here is some other pharma manufacturing news of note for the week.

Manufacturing issues at a CMO and a missed forecast by Merck have led to a shortage of some of its Parkinson’s disease drug Sinemet.

It turns out it's not a good idea to kill the messenger, so to speak. As AmerisourceBergen found out, it can become an $885 million hit.