Civica Rx, a hospital group committed to manufacturing its own drugs, has picked the first drugs it will make and the contractor to make them.

Takeda says supplies of primary immune deficiency treatment Gammagard Liquid will remain spotty this year as it ramps up production at a new plant.

The possible cross-contamination with peanut flour of Novartis' anemia drug Promacta occurred at a contract manufacturing site.

The FDA says Torrent finished product batches were out of spec 340 times in two years, but the company often approved them after retesting.

With an Ebola outbreak in Congo outrunning vaccination efforts, the WHO wants to use an experimental drug from Johnson & Johnson.

With FDA approval of Zolgensma expected soon, Novartis CEO Vasant Narasimhan is confident that the company's manufacturing network will meet demand.

Novartis may be struggling a bit in the U.S. with cancer drug launches, but it has a new market it can now explore: Saudi Arabia.

Merck & Co., which has been riding a wave of Gardasil sales, will invest $1 billion and add 100 jobs to expand production.