CDMO Cambrex has installed continuous flow manufacturing technology at a site in Sweden where it will make intermediates for AstraZeneca.

The FDA has nailed an Australian contract manufacturer with a warning letter for serious manufacturing and quality lapses.

Here are some other pharma industry stories we're following today.

A new front has opened in the fight to make the pharma industry responsible for disposing of unused meds, this time in New York.

Samsung is tamping down investor excitement about a fourth biologics manufacturing site after one of its execs suggested it could be built sooner.

With plans for further expansion in China, Japan’s Eisai has opened a new solid dose plant in Suzhou.

Athenex is moving forward with a project to build a $210 million manufacturing plant in New York that will be financed primarily by the state.

From the FDA’s point of view, OTC drugs and weedkiller just don’t mix. That is the message delivered in a newly posted warning letter to an Iowa company.