AveXis, the gene therapy biotech Novartis snapped up for $8.7 billion, will build a new manufacturing plant to produce its specialized therapies.

Women in mainland China are rallying on social media after supply-constrained private clinics jacked up Gardasil 9 prices to twice the U.S. cost.

China’s WuXi Biologics is at it again, announcing plans for a third new manufacturing site in less than a month.


Gilead has opened its new $11 million manufacturing facility control lab in Ireland.

The EMA pulled the license of Taiwan’s Savior Lifetec Corp. after a plant inspection in March turned up a variety of problems.

China’s new drug approval rules appear to have set off a biologics production race, leading CMOs in China to make large investments in plant projects.

The FDA hit Ei with a warning letter outlining poor manufacturing procedures at the company’s facility in Kannapolis, North Carolina.

President Trump's push to force price tags into drug advertising has pharma marketers worried and full of questions.

After a couple of misfires, Pfizer has finally won FDA approval for its biosimilar of $1.8 billion anemia drug Epogen,