Indegene is aiming for more effective and efficient drug launches with its next-generation commercialization platform.

Eli Lilly’s Taltz has followed Novartis rival Cosentyx into all its therapy areas. But this time, Lilly wants to be first.

Amgen lightens the mood in a new TV ad for cholesterol med Repatha even as Amgen continues a patent dispute and price drops for the drug.

Roche’s Tecentriq scored some big wins lately, including a pair of first-in-class approvals. But in other cancers, it's decided to pull the plug.

Allergan’s digital booking platform for aesthetic treatments helps consumers find Allergan-branded medical aesthetics but also regular spa services.

Gilead Sciences launched its first national TV campaign for HIV treatment Biktarvy featuring a broad range of different people living with HIV.

Klick Health debuts its book of the best practices, processes, tools and insights it uses to build adaptive brands for pharma marketers.

Evenity's annual price of $21,900 is on par with that of Radius' rival med Tymlos. But its safety and clinical efficacy profile might hurt uptake.