Two Big Pharmas are racing toward a new indication in kidney cancer, but thanks to new data from Merck, it may not matter who gets there first.

Pfizer’s Xeljanz topped AbbVie's Humira in a rare bypass of the usual No. 1 monthly TV commercial pharma spender.

Eli Lilly's new Emgality work is based on research with patients who experience the sometimes debilitating effects of migraine but refuse to give up.

More than a year after CNN's exposé about Avanir's Neudexta marketing, the company is nearing a settlement with U.S. officials.

Sanofi taps its chief medical officer to also become its first chief digital officer, combining the two roles inside the company.  

Bayer and Geisinger aim to put contraception front and center in women's health visits, starting even before a patient sets foot in the clinic.

BMS investors have been dreading positive kidney cancer results from Merck for months. And those results might even be better than they expected.

When it comes to Xtandi in hormone-sensitive prostate cancer, Pfizer and Astellas are “really excited." And new data shows they have reason to be.