Transparency in drug pricing sounds like a great idea, but a new study finds that almost none of the state laws provide real price insights.

For the second month in a row, AbbVie’s Humira, Gilead Sciences' Truvada and Allergan’s Botox topped pharma TV spending in that order.

Novartis needs to trace its ethics woes to their roots and apply its stated values to real-life decisions, experts say. Even then, change takes time.

With Johnson & Johnson battling talc and opioid lawsuits and now a Risperdal verdict, is the brand facing a decline?

Novo Nordisk is hooking up with new-wave weight loss program Noom to support people with obesity.

Rival PARP inhibitors by GSK and AstraZeneca-Merck already have their own NICE backing, though neither of the three is on routine coverage.

Novartis' Beovu will be going up against entrenched rivals with a couple blemishes in its label, analysts wrote.

Is AbbVie duplicating its Humira TV strategy with follow-up Skyrizi? With the first Skyrizi campaign, the Illinois company jumped quickly into TV ads.