A Lancet Infectious Diseases study shows antibody response persists for two years or more after a single shot of Merck’s rVSV-ZEBOV vaccine.

The partnership aims to make the production of vaccines that use adenovirus as vectors more cost-effective and contamination-free.

At €350 million, Sanofi's new Canadian vaccine plant will be one of the largest investments ever by the company in a single facility.

The FDA is evaluating the possibility of prosecuting those involved in rogue herpes vaccine research led by a Southern Illinois University professor.

BiondVax enrolled its first patient in a phase 2 U.S. study of its universal flu vaccine, which aims to fight off all strains of the virus at the same time.

GSK's Shingrix has nabbed a huge chunk of the U.S. shingles-shot market, just five months after it was approved by the FDA.

Here is some other vaccine news of note for the week.

New legal complaints focus on eight Sanofi executives, most of them with local management titles, and 15 managers at distributor Zuellig Pharma.