Fierce Pharma awards best-in-class marketing campaigns in 4th annual contest, showcasing unique and powerful works across the industry

Biohaven with Klick Health and, separately, Grey alongside Genentech each swept two categories in the fourth annual Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards held Wednesday night, Oct. 19, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

In the digital campaign, non-social media and best medical conference or event marketing category, pharma marketing agency Klick and pharma company Biohaven (which was recently bought out by Pfizer) walked away with the win for the “My Way to Well” Nurtec ODT campaign. The drug is approved to prevent and treat migraine, and the campaign was anchored in patient stories.

“Nothing is as powerful as a first-hand account,” said Biohaven and Klick in their entry for the award. “We knew our job was to provide the platform, stimulate the conversation and then get out of the way. The result was incredible and authentic patient stories of Nurtec ODT.”

The multimedia digital campaign took users to a website that showed “living with migraine” patient journeys. “We leveraged the power of patient stories to drive education and help patients realize they can once again live life fully […] and ultimately living with migraine while building awareness around Nurtec ODT,” said Biohaven and Klick.

The pair’s second win was for medical conference or event marketing, teaming up with Condé Nast's Glamour magazine for the Nurtec ODT and Condé Nast Women of the Year Program.

Working with Glamour to spread Nurtec ODT’s "all-in-one" message at the major Women of the Year cultural event was a logical choice, the companies said, as a significant majority of Nurtec ODT’s patient population are women (87%).

“The partnership allowed Nurtec ODT to reach high-profile patients, influencers and HCP KOLs to promote Nurtec’s unique, dual-acting properties during the live event,” said Biohaven and Klick.

This year, there were not one but two double winners. Marketing agency Grey and Roche’s biologics unit Genentech picked up the second lot of double accolades for the innovation challenge and pharma TV categories.

Both wins are for one campaign—"Screen Your Lungs: If That Was You Then."

The TV ads use a flashback to the 1970s to destigmatize lung cancer while encouraging more screenings for the disease. In a public service announcement aimed at encouraging ex-smokers to ask their doctor about annual screenings for lung cancer, Genentech flashes back to the days when cigarettes and ashtrays were ubiquitous.

Old home movie projector footage shows carefree 1970s scenes—people disco dancing, playing pinball, cruising in their cars, cooking meals and enjoying family dinners in front of the TV—all with a cigarette in hand or close by.  “If that was you then,” a voice-over proclaims in its ad aired last year, “get your lungs screened now.”

Check out the full list of winners and their campaigns below:

Digital Campaign – non-social media: Klick Health and Biohaven for "My Way to Well"

Innovation Challenge – Grey and Genentech for "Screen Your Lungs: If That Was You Then"

Medical Conference or Event Marketing – Klick Health and Biohaven for Nurtec ODT & Condé Nast (Glamour) Women of the Year Program

Multicultural Campaign – Wunderman Thompson Health: Health4Equity for "We Love You to Health"

New Brand Launch – Real Chemistry & Janssen Pharmaceuticals for "Engineered for a Challenging Landscape: RYBREVANT Takes on the Toughest EGFR+ Lung Cancers"

Online Video or Film – AstraZeneca & 21GRAMS for "The Big Sneeze'

Pharma TV Grey and Genentech for Screen Your Lungs: "If That Was You Then'

Print for Consumer – Aviva Pharmacy for 'Act For Love - HIV Prevention"

Professional Marketing – Area 23, An IPG Health Company & Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc. for "The Unwearable Collection"

Public Relations Campaign – Omnipod and Porter Novelli for "Promoting Diversity and Inclusion for People with Diabetes: Animal Crossing: New Horizons"

Social Media for Consumer – McCann Health Japan for "6 Minutes Together"

Website for Consumer – Sanofi for "MBC Unfiltered: Elevating Overlooked Stories in the Breast Cancer Community"