Ascensia encourages people to break up with short-term CGMs in push to convert Abbott, Dexcom users

Ascensia Diabetes Care and Senseonics are stepping up promotion of their continuous glucose monitor (CGM) with a campaign designed to lure people away from the market leaders Abbott and Dexcom. The campaign uses a relationship break up concept to show Eversense E3 is “The CGM for Real Life.”

Eversense E3 is a minnow in the CGM market. Senseonics, which made Ascensia global distributor of the device in 2020, expects full-year sales net revenues of $20 million to $24 million. Dexcom, Abbott’s main competitor for the CGM market, generated revenues of $871.3 million in the second quarter alone. Yet, while Eversense is yet to become a big product, Senseonics’ CGM has a notable differentiating feature.

The Dexcom G7 sensor is indicated to be worn for up to 10 days. Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre is approved for up to 14 days of use. Eversense E3 lasts for six months. The marketing push centers on that difference.

In a 30-second ad, Ascensia and Senseonics show a woman looking at herself in the mirror and saying “it’s not me, it’s you.” As she delivers the second part of the line, the camera cuts from the woman’s face to a longer shot that reveals a CGM patch on her arm. The woman looks damningly at the patch as she says “it’s you.”

The next scene shows the woman saying “I lose sleep over the on-again, off-again relationship that we have, it's like every week or two we have to start over.” A man, seemingly her partner, looks confused in the background. The relationship the woman loses sleep over becomes clear in the next scene when she slides a CGM sensor across the desk to a physician and receives Eversense E3 in return. 

“I deserve something more long-term,” the woman says. As a voiceover then explains, Eversense E3 has a six-month duration, making it an option for patients whose relationship with their current CGM has “run its course.” The ad ends with the tagline “The CGM for Real Life.” 

The video is part of an ad campaign that will span connected and linear TV in five states. Ascensia and Senseonics also plan to hit digital and social channels to raise awareness of the device among healthcare professionals and people with diabetes.