Allergan taps actress and former Disney TV star Ashley Tisdale for Lo Loestrin social media push

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale is the new spokesperson for Allergan's Lo Loestrin birth control brand, encouraging women to explore contraception options. (Allergan)

Actress and singer Ashley Tisdale, who rose to fame through Disney roles including one in the “High School Musical” movies, is all grown up and talking birth control in Allergan’s latest campaign for Lo Loestrin Fe.

The social media campaign began on Monday as part of Allergan's “Women Who Know” effort. In it, Tisdale asks questions of OB-GYN and paid Allergan consultant Lakeisha Richardson in videos at She will also encourage women to take an active role in their reproductive health and speak up about contraceptive options, Allergan said. The campaign will be promoted on social media, including on Tisdale’s own channels.

Allergan chose Tisdale for her open, honest and authentic personality, making her a “great fit” for the campaign all about female empowerment and options for pregnancy prevention.

“Bringing Ashley on as spokesperson for this campaign was a natural new layer for us as we engage with influencers across social media,” Erin Capra, Allergan associate VP of marketing for women’s health, said in an email interview.

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“Through all of these partnerships, but especially with Ashley, we are able to build more awareness around what it means to be a 'Woman Who Knows': a confident, savvy and empowered woman who is a proactive participant in seeking information about pregnancy prevention, and encourages other women to do the same.”

The “Women Who Know” campaign launched last June with the first Lolo brand work, meant to complement Allergan's long-running unbranded work around women’s health and contraception. The “Actually She Can” campaign began in 2015 with its signature purple color, a millennial hipster cartoon spokescharacter, and a legion of celebrity spokeswomen from actress and singer Lea Michele to former Saturday Night Live actress Vanessa Bayer. Tisdale is the first celebrity spokesperson specifically for Lolo.

Allergan said “Women Who Know” has been well-received across channels including social media, TV and print. It's also pulled through in healthcare provider offices with patient starter kits and educational materials, and it features outreach to college students through Barnes & Noble bookstores.

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“I’m completely comfortable talking about the subject. I feel like it’s one of those things that women might not be completely comfortable discussing. What I’m here to do is to motivate women to have those discussions and be OK with it," Tisdale said in an interview. "Whether you’re trying to focus on education or work or travel, it’s about knowing you have those options.”