Celeb-happy Allergan adds Helen Hunt, Trista Sutter and more to Alzheimer's push

Allergan California
Allergan's new celebrity partners will use Facebook and Instagram to honor Alzheimer's caregivers this month. (Allergan)

When it comes to amping up marketing efforts with celebrity firepower, there’s no drugmaker like Allergan. And it’s giving that treatment to a campaign aimed at inspiring hope among Alzheimer’s caregivers.

To recognize Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month, the company is bolstering the “Hold on to Hope” campaign it rolled out last December with help from a whole lineup of famous folks. Chef Scott Conant, actor Sean Hayes, actresses Helen Hunt and Soleil Moon Frye, model Molly Sims and “The Bachelorette” star Trista Sutter have all signed on to help spread Allergan’s message.

Over the course of the month, they’ll all be encouraging caregivers to keep hope alive, as well as honor them for their “ongoing, and unwavering, efforts,” Allergan said in a statement.

The celebrity lineup isn’t random. Many of Allergan’s new partners have been “closely affected” by the disease, the company said. “I deeply admire the commitment these people have for their loved ones affected by the disease and want to do my part in spreading awareness and respect,” chef Conant added.

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The “Hold on to Hope” mission began with a website and Facebook page featuring a video of lightbulbs exploding one by one, meant to symbolize the way Alzheimer’s can be a “thief” of sufferers’ memories and personalities—but also the moments of light that spring up along the journey. The website also includes a link to information about Namzaric, Allergan’s treatment for the disease.

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The new crop of well-known Allergan partners will join a list of famous faces that have teamed up with the company for campaigns, both branded and unbranded, across the various disease areas its medicines target. Earlier this year, it enlisted figure skater Johnny Weir and golfer Ian Poulter to help promote its fat-fighting CoolSculpting treatment. And last year, a slew of A-listers joined the Dublin drugmaker to promote Botox, Lo Loestrin Fe, a preventable blindness initiative, dry eye awareness and more.