Allergan and actress Shay Mitchell quiz women on birth control facts

The trivia game is part of Allergan’s “Know your Birth Control” push. (Allergan)

Allergan is keeping the birth control questions coming—this time in a quiz format.

The Dublin drugmaker has brought on actress Shay Mitchell, of “Pretty Little Liars,” to host “BC Trivia.” Allergan says the game is designed to “educate young women about contraceptive options in a familiar way.”

Housed on—which redirects to Allergan’s branded website for contraceptive Lo Loestrin Fe—the quiz features four multiple-choice questions, including “Do all birth control pills have the same formulation?” and “If you take your birth control pill at 5 p.m. on Monday, what time should you take your pill on Tuesday?”

After each question, Mitchell gives the answer, along with an explanation for each and fun facts about herself, including her love for pizza and boxing and the theme of her most recent birthday party. The quiz ends with Mitchell encouraging participants to use Allergan’s website or speak to their doctors for more information.

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“In conversations with my friends and family, it is constantly made clear to me that people are not speaking about birth control as much as they should be. When they do, the dialogue is riddled with misconceptions,” Mitchell said in a statement, adding, “At the very least, we should all know about the host of options that are available to us.”

The trivia game is part of Allergan’s “Know your Birth Control” push, and Mitchell is the second actress to join. Last year, the company sent Saturday Night Live veteran Vanessa Bayer out into the streets of New York City to see whether passersby could answer her birth control questions.

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Meanwhile, the fate of Allergan’s women’s health unit is currently up in the air after shareholders, dissatisfied with the drugmaker’s low stock price, pressed for asset sales at the company. After wrapping a strategic review, Allergan late last month said it would put its women’s health and infectious disease unit on the block, though that pledge didn’t impress activist investors.