AbbVie makes a case for 'big bets' in new campaign highlighting its scientific work

AbbVie likes big bets, and it cannot lie. In its latest corporate marketing campaign, the Big Pharma is pulling back the curtain to show off the work that goes into its drug development.

The campaign, dubbed “The Case for Big Bets,” is designed to give a behind-the-scenes look into AbbVie’s research and development efforts. It’ll include a range of stories featuring the drugmaker’s R&D leaders and organized around three main concepts: AbbVie’s “ultimate focus” on developing cures, its use of advanced technologies to achieve scientific breakthroughs and its goal of significantly accelerating the drug development timeline.

The stories that make up the campaign will be shared both on AbbVie’s website and on its social media feeds.

The campaign’s dedicated website is already populated with about a half-dozen of the pharma’s past articles about its scientific work. They include a recent Q&A with two members of AbbVie’s solid tumor oncology team, a discussion of how AbbVie is using data analytics in its creation of new medicines and a listicle summing up “5 ways AbbVie is working to deliver medicines in half the time.”

Elsewhere, the site also features the first in a series of videos about AbbVie’s digital science lab, which it calls the “lab of the future,” and another video summing up the “Big Bets” campaign. In the text-based video, set to a hopeful-sounding instrumental, two narrators describe the work that must go into the development of a better future—because “progress is not a given, and discoveries don’t just happen.”

“Dreaming big is not enough. We must probe all that science has to offer: taking big leaps, setting big goals and seizing big changes to find cures; pushing the boundaries of science and technology to find the next breakthrough faster,” the narrators say, before concluding, “At AbbVie, we’re making the big bets. Because the future must be built.”

The video ends with AbbVie’s long-standing slogan “People. Passion. Possibilities.” which itself was recently the subject of another digital campaign highlighting the company’s scientists, R&D work and target populations.

The tone of AbbVie’s latest corporate campaign, with its focus on touting the company’s R&D work, echoes those of other branding efforts recently launched by several of its fellow Big Pharmas. Earlier this year, Pfizer’s entry in the Super Bowl ad canon was titled “Here’s to Science” and showcased its role in decades’ worth of scientific breakthroughs, while Eli Lilly kicked off the year with a new TV spot in which it vows, “We will never stop trying to get better, because when medicine gets better, all of us can get better.”

Meanwhile, Boehringer Ingelheim took a similarly future-focused tack in a corporate makeover late last year, which saw it dip into a green-heavy color palette and offer its first-ever brand claim, “Life forward,” which the company said is rooted in its “unwavering optimism.”