'The Top Line' podcast: The top 10 list of pharma profits turns up some surprises, bluebird bio's gene therapies win over FDA's expert panel, plus this week's headlines

While revenue reflects how well a company’s products are selling, profit is the financial metric that really matters. It tells investors how efficiently a company is managed and how healthy the business is overall. We’ve taken a look at these bottom line figures and dive into the details behind our report on 2021's 10 most profitable pharma companies. But that's not all. An FDA independent expert panel met last Thursday and Friday, and the stakes were high. Bluebird bio came away on top. The committee unanimously endorsed both of its gene therapies under review. Lastly, we’re all celebrating here at Fierce, because our team’s faces are plastered on billboards at the BIO International Convention. And we sent one shoe-leather reporter on a wild goose chase to find them. 

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