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7. Zolgensma

Zolgensma's first year of launch was full of drama, though none seemed to have hurt uptake—until the pandemic.

6. Skyrizi

Despite multiple drugs working through inhibiting inflammatory interleukins, AbbVie's Skyrizi is still carving out a meaningful share.

5. Spinraza

In its farewell gift to then-outgoing Biogen CEO George Scangos, the FDA was very generous with Spinraza’s label.

3. Ocrevus

Multiple sclerosis drug Ocrevus is hailed as the most successful launch in Roche’s history, earning blockbuster status in its first 12 months.
Falcon 9 launch

The top 10 drug launches since 2017

After years of laborious drug R&D finally yield an approval, biopharma companies hope for a continuous and abundant flow of revenue to make the investment worthwhile. And it all starts with a successful launch. Here are the top 10 recent rollouts that have fulfilled those very hopes, at least so far.