Teva enlists House M.D. actress to amp up migraine awareness

Jennifer Morrison
(Teva Pharmaceutical)

Teva Pharmaceutical ($TEVA) wants to get the word out about migraines, and the company has tapped House M.D. actress Jennifer Morrison to lead the charge.

Morrison, who has had migraines for three years, shares her personal experience as part of Teva’s latest online campaign, The site has educational information about migraines and also prominently features a video with Morrison.

Teva sells a migraine prevention patch, Zecuity, acquired in its $114 million buyout of NuPathe in 2014. The Isreal-based drugmaker is also working on a migraine-fighting CGRP antibody, TEV-48125. The monthly injection recently went into Phase III testing, and it's in a race with other CGRP prospects in the field, including one from Eli Lilly & Co.

Heightening migraine awareness can't hurt Zecuity's prospects, and it could lay the groundwork for a marketing push if and when Teva's new med is approved. Enter Morrison, who talks about her personal experiences with the malady in a web video.

In the video, Morrison walks around her backyard and house. In one scene, she strolls around the pool with a script in her hand, and in others, she sits on a sofa discussing her battle with migraines.

“I think the hardest part about suffering from migraines is that you never know when it’s going to happen,” Morrison says in the video. “For me, obviously that’s tough working in the film industry. I can’t step away from the set. I can’t stop doing my job. I can’t call in sick; there’s no one to replace me.”

The scene then moves to Morrison sitting in a kitchen scrolling through on a tablet. “I think a lot of people out there are suffering from migraines and they don’t even know,” Morrison said. “I think More to Migraine will be a great place for them to turn to start understanding what it is that they’re dealing with and to understand the questions that they can ask their healthcare provider so they can get to the bottom of the best case scenario for them.”

The site includes different interactive boxes, including one with 5 surprising facts about migraine and another that lists 10 common migraine triggers. Other boxes list treatment options, lifestyle tips for preventing migraines and a list of four things that a patient might experience during a migraine attack.

Teva on the site also encourages people to talk to their doctor about migraine. The site has three questions that patients can ask their doctor about migraine, and a link under the questions encourages individuals to save the questions to their email inbox.

- here’s the site
- read Teva’s statement

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