Ogilvy CommonHealth’s North America CEO snags new chief creative officer

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Ogilvy Commonhealth’s new chief creative officer, Sam Dolin, brings digital native experience to the role. (Alpha Stock Images)

Three months after taking the reins at Ogilvy Commonhealth Worldwide in North America, CEO Andrew Schirmer has tapped a new creative director.

Samantha Dolin joined up with Ogilvy Commonhealth Monday to oversee creative output at the agency’s offices in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Canada. She comes to the agency after six years at Evoke Health.

Dolin began her career in consumer advertising with brands such as HP, Intel, Nike and Adidas around the time of the emergence of the world wide web and the beginning of digital consumer and brand connections. Before her stint at Evoke, Dolin spent five years at Digitas Health for five years.

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Digital marketing remains one of Dolin’s strengths and passions, she said in a recent interview. She ticked off social media and voice-activated technology as two areas where she sees opportunity for pharma and healthcare companies.

“What I really love is building out platforms and plans that can connect the dots across a number of different channels and seeing how a campaign can move along a patient journey or a professional journey to provide the right information to the right person at the right time. … It’s a love of mine to stay on top of digital offerings—there is something new every day which I find thrilling,” she said.

Having worked with many of the largest multinational pharma companies as well as emerging boutique biopharmas, Dolin said she is excited for the move to Ogilvy and the opportunity to work with Schirmer and his team to continue to push creative excellence in pharma and healthcare marketing.

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“You get a sense every once in a while as you go through your career when you meet some people you just know that it’s going to be incredible to work beside them and that’s how I felt after my conversations with Andrew,” she said. “And that continued as I started meeting with more people and talking about their experiences at the agency.”

In a statement, Schirmer called Dolin a “vibrant, versatile professional” who sees deep insight and strategic foundations are critical to creative endeavors. “We couldn’t be happier to have Sam joining us to lead the creative charge,” Schirmer said, adding, “Sam’s a champion of creativity in all its forms—a true ‘digital native’ who understands that how a target audience is reached is just as important as what’s being said.”