Ogilvy CommonHealth primes cloud marketing platform with doctor data


Want to find and target specific types of doctors, individually? Ogilvy CommonHealth Worldwide just launched a proprietary marketing cloud platform with 5.5 million doctor profiles. It’s the largest aggregation of third-party healthcare marketing data, the company says, created together with its partner Medikly over the past year and meant to help clients sift through doctor data and discover particular physician audiences.

The data on tap include areas of specialty, institutional affiliations, geography, and social profiles of the physicians, which Ogilvy plans to add to over time in two ways. First, when doctors in the database interact with marketing materials--or don't--that information will be recorded. For instance, whether they responded to emails, banner advertisements or neither will be added to the database. Second, Ogilvy CommonHealth is exploring sources of additional data from third parties, such as claims companies or Medicare.

What will clients do with all that information? One of the goals is better ad targeting, especially because much of the industry still uses panel-based information to inform marketing, said Ritesh Patel, executive vice president and chief digital officer at ‎Ogilvy CommonHealth.

“This will all work to make better-informed decisions on a grand scale and allow us to help our customers better understand their customers, who are physicians,” he said.

More detailed uses for the new cloud platform for marketing and targeting will develop as it goes into use, Patel said; he believes the better information will result in a better approach to messaging in both creative executions and media placements.

He also spoke to the depth of information. While the amount of data collected about doctors may seem worrisome, Patel said, he collected and used the same kind and amount of personal data on retail consumers as a catalog marketer in the '80s.

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Editor's note: Pictured is Ogilvy's executive vice president and chief digital officer Ritesh Patel.