Novo Nordisk channels '70s 'Magic' in first TV ad for blockbuster-in-waiting Ozempic

Novo Nordisk debuted its first DTC campaign for Type 2 diabetes drug Ozempic this week, setting the promotional stage for its aspiring blockbuster.

The TV ad launched Monday set to the tune of ‘70s hit pop song “Magic” by Pilot. However, Novo Nordisk switches up the key refrain “Oh, oh, oh, it’s magic” in the commercial to “Oh, oh, oh, Ozempic.” The earworm-y jingle for the GLP-1 drug repeats several times throughout the 90-second ad.

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Meanwhile, typical patients in the TV ad reinforce the "Oh Ozempic" theme by exclaiming “Oh!” to different facts about Ozempic, including that the average weight loss seen in a recent study was up to 12 pounds and that the drug bears no increased risk of major cardiovascular events.

Novo's once-weekly injection was approved in December, but Novo is also working on a patient-friendly daily pill version. Analysts believe the drug is headed for blockbuster sales thanks to its weight loss and CV benefits, PBM coverage, market potential in China and strong doctor feedback. Market intelligence firm Evaluate estimates Ozempic sales of more than $2.2 billion by 2022.

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Meanwhile, though, Ozempic is going head-to-head with Eli Lilly’s Trulicity, which currently boasts a 40% market share. Ozempic also competes with the Danish drugmaker's own Victoza, a shorter-lasting form of the drug. Novo is counting on Ozempic to catch the baton from daily-dosed Victoza as Lilly’s Trulicity and other longer-acting GLP-1 drugs angle for a share of that market.