Hologic teams with Degeneres' digital network for women's health web series

Hologic is sponsoring a new open and honest web series with host actor Sarah Hyland and women's health advocate Dr. Sherry. (Hologic)

From boobs to birth to body positivity, no subject is off-limits in the new Hologic-sponsored web show focused on women’s health.

The series, "Lady Parts," blends important medical information with casual and slightly ribald humor. Created in partnership with the Ellen Digital Network, a web-based offshoot of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the show is hosted by popular young actor Sarah Hyland, best known for “Modern Family,” and Dr. Sheryl A. Ross—also known as Dr. Sherry—who is an OB/GYN, author and women's health advocate.

The seven-episode series launched online last month, with the first episode on Oct. 28 focused on breasts, covering the mundane from size and nipple shape to more serious issues like the importance of self-exams and mammograms. Show guest and actor Kym Douglas talks about her personal experience with breast cancer.

The Hyland and Dr. Sherry-hosted series features a mix of celebrities from all ages and entertainment fields, including rappers, comedians and actors. The show is based on the real experience of the executive producer, who realized during a visit to her doctor that certain topics are rarely or never discussed.

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As soon as Hologic's Jane Mazur heard about the project, she knew she wanted to get involved.

“I personally jumped on this and championed it because I was like 'Wow, everything we do here at Hologic fits in so nicely to the objective of what the show was going to be,' ” Mazur, who is VP and global head of divisional communications, said.

The sponsorship is a radical departure for the company that usually operates on a more B2B platform with its clinicians and laboratory customers to help them understand products and technologies.

While Hologic initially suggested topics to get the conversations going, they stepped back and let what happened happen so that the end result is more like a conversation between friends (friends on a Zoom call, of course, in this age of COVID-19).

DeGeneres' audience of women between the ages of 25 and 65 is a great fit for the campaign, which integrates with Hologic’s three main areas of focus—diagnostics, gynecologic surgery solutions, and breast and skeletal health. Hologic products are featured throughout the series.

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In the episode on breasts, for instance, there’s a clip of a woman having her first mammogram in the Hologic “mammovan.” As with the rest of the show, the experience is fun, informative and even a bit silly—with the goal to help alleviate the fear that women who have never had a mammogram may have.

Getting the word out about the project has been organic, through DeGeneres' and the well-known hosts' and guests' social channels and combined millions of Instagram followers. Hologic is also spreading the word with a mix of earned, paid, social and a lot of word of mouth.

The response so far has been positive, and the Hologic team members are especially proud.

“It was just really a thoughtful approach to the things that we feel as a company is so important. You know, being a champion of women's health, it's essential to drive conversation and awareness,” Mazur said.