FCB Health launches next-generation big data agency to better tell pharma brand stories

FCB Health wants to humanize data. While it’s been pushing that way for years, the network is formalizing that vision into a distinct agency called Solve(d).

The new agency brings together FCB Health Network capabilities and talent from data analytics, data science, customer relationship management and media. The 45-plus team is already up and running with clients, projects and data resources; FCB parent company IPG acquired first-party data giant Acxiom this summer.

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“This has been our vision for the past five years or so, when we really started rounding out this capability overall. We started bringing in data scientists, marketing scientists, CRM specialists and then marrying it up with the organic media capability that had already been here for 40 years,” said Ken Beatty, Solve(d) managing director and FCB Health Network chief analytics officer.

The humanizing of data—not simplifying data or insights—is about making it understandable and useful in human decision-making.

“People usually don’t remember data or facts or figures; they remember the story that the data tells” said Michael Guarino, FCB Health Network chief commercial officer. “That’s what we’re trying to do here. Humanize that data to tell our brands’ stories in the most compelling way so that people not only remember them, but take action on them. That action could be going to a doctor, reading about a product or continuing to refill the medication they’re already on.”

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The Solve(d) logo mimics a mathematical equation, with the letters S-o-l-v-e above the line and the D below it.

Beatty said, “What I say is that the clients give us something to solve and we add the ‘d.’ We give them back something that is solved—something that they don’t have to interpret, and something [where] they don’t have to dig into sometimes very complex data to get to a resolution of their business challenge.”