Endo takes a hands-on approach to new Dupuytren's contracture commercial

Endo has brought all hands on deck for its newest campaign to raise awareness about Dupuytren’s contracture and its available treatments.

Dupuytren’s is a progressive condition in which the tissue under the skin of the hand thickens and tightens over time, creating a hard lump that may eventually extend into a cordlike shape that pulls one or more fingers toward the palm. Though surgery may be recommended for severe cases, less invasive therapies are also available, including injections and needling treatments.

The “Reminders” campaign went live Monday and is aimed at encouraging people with Dupuytren’s to advocate for themselves and their desired treatment approach, according to Endo’s launch announcement.

In the new commercial, a man hurries around his home preparing for a doctor’s appointment for his Dupuytren’s. As he gets ready to leave, he counts off a handful (literally) of reminders: that he doesn’t want surgery for the condition, doesn’t want to wait for it to get worse, wants a nonsurgical treatment that requires “minimal down time” and will seek a second opinion if the doctor doesn’t offer a nonsurgical option.

“Younger generations are open about their health and feel comfortable participating in the treatment plan process with their healthcare provider, but some of us have spent our lives deferring to doctors’ recommendations, even if they don’t align with our lifestyle and preferences,” Justin Mattice, vice president and general manager of branded specialty at Endo, said in the announcement. “With five straightforward reminders, this campaign positions patients as knowledgeable partners and decision makers.”

Throughout the ad, the man’s contracture takes center stage, as his slightly curled hand is prominently shown tapping his phone, petting his dog and holding onto a steering wheel, and the cord itself is on full display as he counts off each reminder on his fingers.

Though the man featured in the ad is an actor, Endo turned to actual Dupuytren’s patients to serve as hand doubles and “cord models” for the close-up shots used in the commercial. The actor also wore prosthetics—designed by special effects makeup artists who have worked on shows like “Stranger Things” and “The Walking Dead,” per Endo—modeled after real patients’ hands.

Toward the end of the ad, the man hops in a car with a “NONSGL” license plate—yet another handy reminder of his desire for nonsurgical treatment—and zooms off to the appointment. Meanwhile, a voice-over encourages viewers to “take charge of your treatment,” suggesting that if they’re unable to lay their hand flat on a table, they should visit an Endo-hosted website to find a hand specialist.

Though the campaign is unbranded, the listed website “FindAHandSpecialist.com” redirects to the online home of Xiaflex, Endo’s FDA-approved injection treatment for Dupuytren’s.

Endo said in the announcement that the campaign’s TV spots will run on broadcast TV, streaming services and online, and other campaign materials will be pushed out via social media, digital and search ads.