Editor's Corner—Share your creativity with us. The 3rd annual Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards are open for entries

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The Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards are back with the contest entry forms now open online. (Getty Images)

The Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards are back again for a third year—now with a first-ever live awards show.

Set for Sept. 29 as part of the Digital Pharma East conference in Philadelphia, the awards will celebrate the best of the best pharma marketing and advertising over the past year.

And while it’s been a challenging year for pharma, it’s also been a creative and innovative one. Pharma marketers and their agencies quickly embraced pandemic-forced changes—moving to digital communications and figuring out how to shoot TV commercials safely, for instance—and continued to produce creative and compelling campaigns all year.

That’s why we’re especially looking forward to recognizing the people who not only rose to the challenge but also excelled in devising powerful, inspiring, persuasive and educational work for their audiences this past year.

Despite the pandemic upheaval, the goal for the Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards remains the same: to recognize creative excellence in pharma advertising and marketing.

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Many people in the advertising and marketing industries are determined to make sure their work is not just “creative for creative’s sake.” In pharma, though, it’s especially important that campaigns aren’t just clever or humorous, but also help drive better health outcomes for people.  

Last year’s winners are excellent examples of how to do that. If you missed it, the special report detailing each effort is worth a read. Get the inside stories on how the winners—including Bayer’s “How We Science” TV campaign from Campbell Ewald, Merck’s “With Love, Me” public relations effort from W2O Group (now Real Chemistry) and Eli Lilly’s social media push “Off to A Good Start” by TrendyMinds—took home top honors last year.

This year’s contest has 14 categories, including a special category for COVID-19 work. We're aware that there are some concerns in the creative industry about COVID award categories, namely that a few brands might try to take advantage of the pandemic tragedy to create award-winning work. However, after reporting on many pharma marketing efforts closely this year, we're confident that those who did create COVID-related campaigns did so with the best intentions to contribute information, help and hope.

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Entries will be accepted through July 9 and will be judged this summer with a finalist announcement in August. Please visit the award website for more details on categories and rules as well as to enter.

We’ll reveal the top winners Sept. 29 at the first-ever Fierce Pharma Marketing Awards show to be held during Digital Pharma East in Philadelphia. That event is set for Sept. 28-30 in person and includes a follow-up virtual event Oct. 5-8.