Dexcom taps Nick Jonas and the rest of its Warriors for photoshoot to help the world #SeeDiabetes

Dexcom has brought its warriors together for World Diabetes Day, creating an online gallery that shows photos of paid ambassadors such as Nick Jonas alongside pics of other users in a bid to help the world #SeeDiabetes.

Over the years, Dexcom, a medtech company that competes with Abbott for the continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) market, has built a roster of patients who use its devices and are willing to share their stories. The roster of people, which the company calls Dexcom Warriors, include celebrity and everyday users of the CGMs.

Now, Dexcom has captured photos and footage of the patients for a website to show “the many faces of diabetes.” The website displays a video loop of users of Dexcom CGMs attending photo shoots. The loop shows a series of people, aged from under 10 to over 60, posing for the camera. 

Below the video, Dexcom discusses the goals of the initiative, explaining that it is sharing the stories and faces of the users of its devices “to show why expanding access to CGM is so important.” That section of the website also outlines the progress Dexcom has made on expanding access over the past year. 

The rest of the website is dominated by a photo gallery, featuring more than 35 faces, that extends to all four edges of the screen. Moving the mouse over a photo reveals the person’s name, minus the full surname for everyone other than paid spokespeople, and the country they are from. Clicking on a photo brings up more snaps and details of the person, or, in some cases, people, in the picture. 

Dexcom has included quotes from each person. Steven C, who lives in the U.S., called diabetes part of his identity. While living with the condition is “not easy by any means” and “no two days are alike,” Steven wakes up each day, takes his shots and does the best he can. A Dexcom user for five years, Steven said the technology has made managing his condition “significantly easier and less painful.”

A growing number of people are reaching similar conclusions to Steven. Last month, Dexcom reported that sales grew 27% in the third quarter, emboldening it to raise its full-year guidance for the third time this year. Management has attributed the growth to expanded access and share gains since the launch of the G7 CGM device.