CMI/Compas rebrands as CMI Media Group and broadens its focus to include health and wellness

CMI Media Group is the new name for the WPP Group communications agency, which is retooling and expanding its mission. (Alpha Stock Images)

CMI/Compas is now CMI Media Group. But the rebrand is more than just a name change.

With it comes an expanded focus—not just on life sciences and “sick care” but on broader healthcare and prevention. The agency's new tagline is “Realizing healthcare’s possibilities.”

CMI will remain a minority investor in Compas and continue to both use its services and tap into its broader parent network of agencies, WPP Group.

“More and more, we’re seeing greater opportunity with many companies that have become more than just consumer brands. They’ve become health brands or health-focused brands,” Susan Dorfman, president of CMI Media Group, said.

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Those brands include hospitals, health systems, healthcare professionals, insurers and even food companies along with the life science industry players CMI will continue to serve.

The pandemic brought renewed focus on digital, as many have noted, but CMI as a digitally focused company, noticed a broader reality check.

“As much as all of us, and all of these companies have been investing in digital transformation, the digital front door wasn’t as open as we thought it was. That was a problem not just for business, but a problem for health,” Dorfman said. “COVID shook up, and I think woke up, people who found out that we’re not as digitally ready as we need to be.”

The fallout requires helping patients catch up on physical health and prioritizing digital changes to better accommodate them in the future, but also improving overall digital communication for a more integrated real world.

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Instead of defaulting to in-person point-of-care visits, for instance, establish “point of necessity” care in which patients are able access healthcare and resources in any way they need, Dorfman said.

CMI can assist in that first step, making people aware of the information and resources that exist and offering better message readiness.

“How do we think about this kind of continuous mobile content, human-centered content, that we can get approved quicker?” she said. "We need to be better equipped and prepared with anticipatory, preapproved types of content libraries to be able to pull them and communicate.”