Bayer Aspirin tunes up heart awareness with Broadway stars Leslie Odom Jr. and Nicolette Robinson

Actors and singers Leslie Odom Jr. and his wife Nicolette Robinson star along with her father, Stuart Robinson, in a new heart-health effort from Bayer. (Bayer)

Nicolette Robinson’s dad got a second chance when he survived a heart attack years ago. Now, the actress and singer—who is married to Hamilton musical star Leslie Odom Jr.—is celebrating her father along with the whole family on Father’s Day with a new Bayer Aspirin campaign.

The couple's original song “Second Chance” is part of Bayer’s “Your Heart Isn’t Just Yours” campaign, building on the consumer insight that people are more motivated to take care of themselves for others.

Robinson and Odom's unique song is set to the rhythm of her father, Stuart Robinson's, heartbeat. As the lyrics remind listeners: “Every breath I’m blessed to breathe, all the love I couldn’t leave surrounds me now.”

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Bayer wants the work to remind people that a heart attack affects not only the survivor but the whole family, Lisa Perez, senior brand director for Bayer Aspirin, said in an email interview.

Odom, who is promoting the effort on social media, said the music and lyrics were inspired by all the moments and memories the family has made with his father-in-law since the heart attack.

“My hope is this song inspires heart attack survivors to keep working toward their goals so they too can celebrate these special moments with their families,” Odom Jr. said in a press release.

The song is available on the Bayer Aspirin website and social media channels. Its debut is tied to Father’s Day, but it will continue running, including on the Pandora music service. Bayer and Odom are also working on more social content for the campaign.

While Bayer's 120-year-old, household-name aspirin doesn’t need brand building, the campaign is meant to continue Bayer's mission for heart health awareness.

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As Perez pointed out, a heart attack occurs every 40 seconds in the U.S., and about 25% of people who have a heart attack will go on to have another one.

“We want to inspire people to talk to their doctors about their heart health and [to] educate heart attack survivors, and their families, on the importance of sticking to your aspirin routine as advised by your doctor,” she said.

Aspirin regimens shouldn’t be started without a doctor’s OK, but studies have shown that daily aspirin can reduce the chance of a repeat heart attack or stroke.