Abbott launches 'Countdown at a Crossroads' diabetes campaign as it takes over the Oculus in New York

Abbott is launching its awareness for National Diabetes Awareness Month by taking over the Oculus in New York with a new installation featuring individuals with diabetes, including comedian and talk show host Sherri Shepherd.

The partnership with Shepherd aims to raise awareness of the benefits of continuous glucose monitor (CGM) technology and to support broader access to CGMs, as stated in Abbott's press release.

Abbott is one of the world’s largest producers of CGMs, which help diabetes patients keep an eye on their sugar levels through a device and app, with its FreeStyle Libre range its most recent offering.

Starting Nov. 1, the Oculus Center in New York displayed a new face of someone impacted by diabetes every 23 seconds, mirroring the rate at which people are diagnosed with a form of diabetes.

There is also a QR code on the installation that connects to the www.Crossroads.Abbott site, which includes direct references to Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre’s tech.

Abbott will also donate 99 cents to the American Diabetes Association’s Health Equity Now program for every person who visits the site.  

The core theme for Abbott is showing that CGM systems “can reduce diabetes-related complications, provide better health outcomes, and improve quality of living,” it said in its release, as it implicitly looks to boost use of its own CGM systems.

Abbott points out that of the approximately half a billion adults worldwide living with diabetes, only a mere 1% utilize technology such as FreeStyle Libre, indicating a lack of awareness or limited access to this technology.

“Using a FreeStyle Libre sensor to monitor my glucose levels has helped me get a better grasp on my Type 2 diabetes and ultimately improve my quality of living,” said Shepherd in the release.

“Many people living with diabetes aren’t aware of this incredible life-changing technology and Abbott’s efforts to make it accessible. The goal of ‘Countdown at a Crossroads’ is to change that—and I am energized to help by fostering awareness.”