'The Top Line' podcast: COVID therapies dominate 2021's top-selling drugs, raising the curtain on ASCO 2022, plus this week's headlines

Bristol Myers Squibb is once again piling on the cash for Immatics, a German immunotherapy biotech. The Big Pharma has tripled down on the collaboration, which originally kicked off in 2019 and was added to in 2021. BMS is paying $60 million upfront and $700 million in biobucks down the line for at least two new programs.

And there's more: Bristol expanded the 2019 collaboration, with another $20 million plus milestones and royalties. Also under discussion is Fierce Pharma’s special report on the world’s 20 top-selling drugs. COVID-19 vaccines by Pfizer and Moderna are listed among the top three. And COVID treatments from Regeneron/Roche and Gilead were also in the top 20.

Lastly, we have bloopers. After just over a month of creating this podcast, we finally have some “behind-the-scenes" tape to share.

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