Merck KGaA's Mavenclad stakes its claim in massively competitive MS market

Merck kgaa
Merck KGaA's Mavenclad hit €321 million ($358 million) in sales in 2019. (Merck KGaA)

In an increasingly crowded multiple sclerosis market, Merck KGaA's Mavenclad has scrapped for market share against behemoths such as Roche's Ocrevus. But a year into its U.S. launch, Mavenclad is posting exponential growth.

In 2019, Mavenclad raked in €321 million ($358 million) in global sales, a more than 250% increase from the €90 million it posted the previous year.

That significant leap has more than offset the sales loss from Merck KGaA's older MS med Rebif and represents a more than 5% share of the global MS market––up from 1% at the end of 2018, the drugmaker said. 

Merck KGaA tied Mavenclad's strong performance directly to its FDA approval in March, which made the drug the only oral short-term therapy for MS in the relapsing-remitting and active secondary progressive settings, the company said. 

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