Eli Lilly, Boehringer's Jardiance flops heart failure trial, falling behind AZ's Farxiga

Jardiance was recently stiffed by an FDA advisory committee in Type 1 diabetes. (Eli Lilly)

Eli Lilly and Boehringer Ingelheim's SGLT2 med Jardiance is chasing at least one holy grail as a treatment for heart failure in patients with or without diabetes––a test AstraZeneca's rival med Farxiga recently aced. But in its first swing at Farxiga's lead, Jardiance whiffed. 

Jardiance failed to improve exercise ability over placebo in chronic heart failure patients with or without diabetes, according to top-line data from two phase 3 studies, Emperial-Reduced and Emperial-Preserved.  

The two studies treated patients with Jardiance or a dummy pill for 12 weeks and judged exercise ability using six-minute walk tests, Boehringer said in a release. Despite the loss, Boehringer is still looking forward to other trials in its Jardiance heart failure program. 

"The Emperial trials set a high bar for Jardiance to demonstrate an improvement in exercise ability in people with chronic heart failure, and we continue to believe in its potential to improve clinical outcomes," said Mohamed Eid, Boehringer's VP of clinical development and medical affairs for cardio-metabolism and respiratory medicine.  

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