All the skinny on Mylan's EpiPen: Price hikes, CEO pay, aggressive ads and more

No doubt about it, EpiPen has buzz. Unfortunately for its maker, Mylan ($MYL), the buzz isn’t good. Months of warnings about the company’s repeated price hikes finally churned up a mass-media storm over the past several days. The network news is even in the act: NBC News noted that Mylan CEO Heather Bresch has seen some big pay increases as EpiPen prices--and revenue--rose.

We at FiercePharma have been tracking the story for months, and readers have discovered as much as they searched for information about the epinephrine pen injector that so many allergic children carry everywhere they go. Price hikes, marketing tactics, executive pay--they're all here in a roundup of our trending EpiPen headlines--and our annual CEO pay report, where Bresch typically makes an appearance. For the latest on the current controversy, check out FiercePharmaMarketing's take.

Mylan's headquarters

Pricing trouble ahead for Mylan? Analyst calls recent hikes 'beacons for scrutiny’

A months-long political and public firestorm over large drug price increases hasn’t been enough to bring the practice to a full stop. Now, Mylan is under the radar as a new report documents several price hikes this year, ranging from 15% for EpiPen to much larger increases of 400% and 500% for other meds.

Curses, EpiPen! Another would-be rival falls flat at FDA, leaving Mylan's med unchallenged
Will anyone ever give Mylan’s blockbuster epinephrine injection, EpiPen, a run for its money?

Senator calls for investigations into Mylan's 400% EpiPen price increases
Back in June, Wells Fargo’s David Maris highlighted several Mylan price hikes, calling them “beacons for scrutiny.” Now, sure enough, the company is facing the prospect of investigations following years of price increases on its big-selling EpiPen.

Mylan CEO Heather Bresch

The top 20 highest-paid biopharma CEOs - Heather Bresch, Mylan
Heather Bresch is firmly ensconced in the top 10 with her $25.8 million total.

Mylan shells out $32.5M to execs to handle inversion-deal excise taxes
Other companies are pulling back the reins on tax inversions, but Mylan is charging full speed ahead with its $5.3 billion deal for Abbott's ($ABT) overseas generics. And it's shelling out $32.5 million to 5 top execs ahead of schedule to help them skirt excise taxes meant to discourage companies from shifting their domiciles abroad.

High prices on Mylan's EpiPen drive EMTs, patients to manual options
Mylan’s EpiPen faces scant competition in the epinephrine auto-injector market. But something else is turning some patients away from the med: the company’s prices.

FDA swats down Teva's EpiPen copy, putting Mylan in cruise control
Mylan was already cruising without competition to key product EpiPen. But now, wannabe rival Teva Pharmaceutical ($TEVA) has run into a hurdle that could keep the treatment flying high through next year.

No holds barred in Mylan’s ultra-realistic peanut allergy campaign
In a TV ad for Mylan’s anaphylaxis awareness campaign, a young woman with a peanut allergy accidentally eats a peanut butter brownie at a party--and through her eyes, viewers watch and hear her friends react, panic and call 911. The girl’s labored breathing is heard as she walks to a mirror, revealing her hive-ridden and swollen face just before she collapses.

With rival Sanofi sidelined, Mylan pushes full steam ahead on EpiPen social media effort
Mylan may have some EpiPen competition out of the way right now in recently recalled Auvi-Q from Sanofi ($SNY), but that doesn't mean the drugmaker is letting up on the social media marketing front.

Teva's Auvi-Q

Sanofi's Auvi-Q recall puts Mylan's rival EpiPen in full control of blockbuster market
Mylan just caught a big break for EpiPen. Sanofi pulled the product’s main competitor--Auvi-Q--from the market, a turn of events that should keep Mylan dominating the epinephrine injection field.

Mylan leverages marketing savvy, price hikes to make EpiPen a go-to med
Mylan has been pumping up its EpiPen marketing on multiple fronts, helping make it the go-to therapy for those with severe allergic reactions. But now, with new rivals advancing, the company will be relying on its years of branding to help it weather the competitive storm.

10 big brands keep pumping out big bucks, with a little help from price hikes
Branded drugs are not the name of Mylan's game, but one of the company's biggest boosts has come from its EpiPen epinephrine autoinjector. The company saw a 13% jump in specialty drug sales for 2013, to $176 million. And that's a number Mylan largely attributed to its EpiPen product