ViiV Healthcare launches new 'Me in You, You in Me' HIV prevention campaign with celebrity backing

ViiV Healthcare is running a second season for its HIV campaign “Me in You, You in Me” aimed at normalizing HIV prevention while boosting awareness among the communities disproportionately affected by the infection.

This is specific to gay and bisexual men and the transgender community, with the campaign launched as a “one-of-a-kind HIV prevention PSA” according to a ViiV spokesperson, “that is both a campaign and a community movement-building initiative.”

This is the second iteration of the campaign, which is designed to show how finding community in others and overcoming bias can help ensure that everyone plays a role in HIV prevention.    

The company has nabbed some big celebrity names for the campaign, including singer, dancer and actress Tinashe, actor and author Taye Diggs, actor and choreographer Nicco Annan, rapper and artist Villano Antillano, social media star and model Nicky Champa and actor Rafael De La Fuente.

Some of the celebrities are featured in a video that focuses on how biases “can get in the way of talking about HIV prevention.”

In the black-and-white stylish film, which is nearly two and a half minutes long, ViiV has people who have never met talk to each other, but without seeing the other person, then see what happens when they meet.

We also see rather moody shots of the celebs talking about how they feel about themselves and what they want as they walk around the film set.

Outside of the video, the campaign also has local HIV check sites in Miami, Dallas, New Orleans and Atlanta throughout the summer with local influencers.

ViiV, which markets several HIV/AIDS therapies and prevention meds in the form of Cabenuva and Apretude, is a prolific campaigner for HIV awareness, most recently running a project aimed at HIV prevention for Black women.