Viatris launches healthcare access brand campaign on Nasdaq tower in Times Square

Viatris has picked a prominent spot to voice its view that “access to healthcare matters to everyone, everywhere,” slapping a video that conveys the message on the seven-stories-tall Nasdaq tower in Times Square.

In a post on LinkedIn, the company shared a video of the footage displayed on the Nasdaq building and a brief description of its campaign. Viatris said it supplies “medicines to over 1 billion people globally” and intends to “keep going” as it delivers on its belief that “we all have the right to live as healthy as possible to allow life’s many moments to be experienced.”

The Nasdaq imagery, which uses the colors in Viatris’ logo, starts with the message “everywhere health matters” on a plain background. A series of still images shows what that means in practice. First, we see a man pushing a boy on a bicycle above the text “because every moment matters.” 

The next image shows two people kissing a young woman on the cheek during her graduation above the text “celebrating life’s moments.” Finally, the Nasdaq tower shows two young people of color laughing and smiling above the text “having access to healthcare matters to everyone, everywhere.” The Viatris logo and the text “everywhere health matters” is shown at the bottom of each image.

The sequence ends with the original “everywhere health matters” message on a plain background, this time with Viatris’ logo, web address and Nasdaq ticker taking up the bottom third of the screen. Nasdaq claims its tower, which contains 10,000 square feet of signage, is seen by more than 350,000 people each day.

Viatris has opened its wallet to capture those eyeballs as it works to improve its standing with investors. Shares in the company, which was created through the merger of Mylan and Pfizer’s Upjohn, have fallen 40% since the stock listed on Nasdaq three years ago. Viatris is looking to marketing to help gain ground, with the Times Square campaign following the first direct-to-consumer ad for the dry eye drug Tyrvaya.