UCB bangs drum for epilepsy drug in videos about ‘sound of profound’ seizure reduction

UCB wants you to hear the sound of profound seizure reduction. Across a series of videos, the Belgian drugmaker makes the case that its Dravet syndrome drug Fintepla amplifies family life by allowing people to experience more seizure-free days.

Dravet is an epilepsy syndrome that begins in infancy or early childhood and causes prolonged, frequent seizures. Zogenix won FDA approval for the Dravet treatment Fintepla in 2020 after linking the therapy to a significant drop in the rate of convulsive seizures compared to placebo. UCB, which bought Zogenix for $1.9 billion in 2022, has now shown what that drop in the seizure rate meant for several families.

The campaign has an audio motif, using sound waves as illustrations and explaining how taking Fintepla has “amplified” and given a “new rhythm” to kids with Dravet and their families. UCB has created videos for the campaign.

Each video starts with the text “Listen. What do you hear?” and features prominent sounds, such as a kid laughing or waves lapping on the beach. A voiceover says “the sound is profound” when people with Dravet have more seizure-free days. Across the rest of the videos, footage of the families and interviews with parents show the impact Dravet had and how cutting the frequency of seizures changed their lives.

One video is focused on Austen, showing her strumming a banjo and playing with her siblings. Austen was having seizures “all day every day,” her mom, Meagan, explains in the video. As Austen’s seizures began to decrease, Meagan “started to hear more laughter, not just from her, from all of our kids.” UCB talks to two other families about life before and after Fintepla in the other videos. 

The campaign comes as UCB works to grow sales of Fintepla. Global sales increased more than 100% last year, rising to 226 euros ($243 million), and the settlement of a patent row means UCB could have almost a decade more exclusivity in the U.S. UCB is aiming to increase Fintepla sales to 800 million euros or more by 2027.