Teva launches digital Huntington's disease campaign with new site, dedicated Twitter account

Teva is ramping up awareness about Huntington’s disease (HD) with a new digital marketing push that includes links to its marketed med, Austedo.

The campaign focuses on HD chorea, a condition that will hit around 90% of all HD patients. This, the most visible sign of the disease, is a movement disorder in which abnormally high levels of dopamine in the brain cause involuntary body movements such as fidgeting, squirming or jerking that can affect the hands and face, limbs and torso or speech and mobility.

Teva has set up a new Twitter account and website, both know as Honestly HD, that aim to prepare patients for the condition, boost awareness and have downloadable guides about the condition and how to talk to your doctor.

There is also a newly expanded Facebook page, also known as Honestly HD, set up as community support page to help those who may be struggling with the emotional side of the disease.

The site is not branded and is a fairly straight educational and awareness-based platform, though there is a section, Living with HD, which if you scroll down to the end has a Discover HD chorea treatment button that takes you to the main drug site for Austedo.

That drug is marketed by Teva, which in 2017 nabbed two approvals including HD chorea and tardive dyskinesia, a movement disorder caused by long-term use of some antipsychotic medications.

It is expected in 2022 to break the blockbuster barrier, after making more than $800 million last year. Austedo is a major drug for the Israeli generics giant as Teva battles against some serious headwinds for its other prescription meds.

“The progressive nature of HD can create feelings of isolation for patients and their families and makes planning ahead crucial,” said Michelle Roberts, senior director for medical patient advocacy at Teva, in a press release.  

“Our hope is that in addition to providing information and resources to aid in managing HD chorea symptoms and planning for the future, HonestlyHD fosters a supportive and inspiring community, so patients and their families don’t feel alone.”