The skin you’re in: Promius promotes digital campaign to empower skin condition patients

Promius Pharma's new awareness campaign shines light on the positive attitudes of people with a variety of skin conditions. (Promius)

Promius Pharma is all in for skin for its latest campaign. The digital and social media push gathers multiple skin conditions under the banner “My Skin Matters” to promote positivity for people living with conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.

The insight behind the campaign came from consumers and healthcare providers in dermatology who identified with the idea that skin condition patients have “nothing to hide.” Digital listening in social media and online help point to the fact that patients wanted positive, empowering messages.

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“If you look at how derm patients feel just in general, they don’t feel beautiful and they want someone to understand them,” said Garth Thomas, head of dermatology sales and marketing at Promius, which is the pharma division of Dr. Reddy’s. “Although most people don’t die from dermatological conditions, it has a significant impact on their lives. If you’re a kid and you have acne, you may get made fun of. These patients often feel embarrassed and uncomfortable."

To boost engagement and build community, Promius hired three social media ambassadors with different conditions to add content and support to My Skin Matters communities on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The homepage redirects people to those sites and invites them to sign up via email for additional content and updates.

Promius said those materials may include blog posts, educational content for various skin conditions, motivational quotes, life hacks, and treatment tricks. Along with the paid and earned digital media, Promius is planning to create My Skin Matters materials for in-office and add more information to its website such as patient stories, influencer content and disease information.

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Promius’ portfolio currently includes several dermatology drugs, such as Sernivo for psoriasis, Trianex and Cloderm for eczema, and Promiseb for seborrheic dermatitis. It does not have an acne treatment, although it has two in its pipeline.

“I know a lot of times companies focus on where their products align to a specific skin condition,” Thomas said. “We looked at it a bit broader at the top skin conditions. And even if we don’t have a specific therapy at Promius that may help that patient, we still wanted to create awareness and buzz around dermatological conditions.”