Sanofi debuts new corporate signature, campaign to 'Empower Life' around the world

Sanofi says its new corporate signature, "Empowering Life," reflects the pharma company's global mission.

Sanofi launched a new corporate signature last week summing up its mission in two words: “Empowering Life.” A digital campaign including online videos, paid media and a social media push with the tag #EmpoweringLife is underway globally, but individual country divisions of Sanofi will also promote the new signature in ways they choose that are relevant to their own markets.

Sanofi has not had an official signature since 2011, and it began working to create this one last year, launching it first inside the company at the beginning of 2017. Corporate materials will now incorporate the words “Empowering Life” beneath the Sanofi logo.

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“Our vision is that life is a health journey and we know that every individual will face health challenges at some stages—big or small, limited or more serious. We at Sanofi are health journey partners, caring for people, supporting them and addressing health challenges by preventing disease—for example by our vaccine activity—or by treating, curing and supporting people facing health challenges. ‘Empowering Life’ is in two words a way to encapsulate this vision and sense of purpose,” Alexandra Rocca, Sanofi head of corporate communications, said.

Online videos in 60-second and 30-second versions show people, children, parents, healthcare providers and others around the world asking the common global question, “How are you?” in different languages. Sanofi wants to help people respond positively throughout their lives and so, as text across the screen notes, “the thousands of men and women at Sanofi dedicate their lives to improving yours.”

The "Empowering Life" dedicated webpage offers more detail, including initiatives and stories about how Sanofi is doing just that. Some of the highlighted examples include reducing the burden of influenza, innovating in rare diseases, managing diabetes, preventing malaria and fighting pain.

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“It’s not only a signature but a vision that should also become the backbone of how we talk about ourselves externally and engage with people. It’s a way to unify the way we present the company and all of our activities and at the same time, respect the difference between countries,” Rocca said.

She said the debut of "Empowering Life" is just the beginning of a campaign that will be built upon and expanded for years to come.