Real Chemistry teams with American Cancer Society to tap AI for ‘soundflake’ cancer campaign

Healthcare marketing and communications firm Real Chemistry is working with the American Cancer Society (ACS) this festive season on an AI-powered and interactive digital experience aimed at cancer patients.

Real Chemistry is launching the campaign, which is aimed at showing the impact its life sciences clients are having, to “create hope through the advancement of new life-changing therapies” in cancer, it said in a statement to Fierce Pharma Marketing.

Together with the ACS, the idea is to help bring the “spirit of hope” to patients with cancer this holiday season. The campaign kicked off this month with a public event that transformed the outside entrance of the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge into a winter wonderland, in what the agency is calling, “Miracle on 32nd Street.”

Hope Lodge, a charitable project run by the ACS, provides free accommodation for both cancer patients and their caregivers when they receive treatment away from home. The initiative aims to bring festive cheer to those spending the holidays away from home.

Real Chemistry, formerly W20, is using cymatics (the study of visible sound and vibration) to create what it calls an “immersive digital experience.” In this unique concept, the sound of a patient's bell ringing transforms into a distinctive sound wave image, resembling a snowflake, but referred to as a "soundflake."

The idea comes from Real Chemistry’s in-house advertising team 21GRAMS, with the concept ideation originating from Copy Supervisor Javier Pinol and Senior Art Director Maxwell Gold.

It works by having the audio from the video entered into a custom-built generative application to analyze the audio for everything that makes it unique. This, Real Chemistry tells Fierce Pharma Marketing, includes bell frequency, duration, tones, ring patterns, and ambient sounds such as clapping, cheering, speeches, and the sound of the Hope Lodge bell itself.   

“Using the same generative application, the analyzed sound creates a visual representation of the unique properties,” the agency explained. “The elements are translated into the fibers and motion, it becomes more elaborate as the soundflake grows. The output is a wholly unique soundflake based on the individual sound properties of each video that celebrates the patient's unique bell moment.”

When a soundflake is created, users can leave messages of hope and anecdotes about their own journeys, as either a patient or caregiver.

The campaign features a second element, namely about adding information about early cancer screening, as well as looking to boost donations and volunteering for Hope Lodge locations.