NFL star Travis Kelce teams up with Pfizer to run a new educational COVID vaccine campaign

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce has recently been the subject of rumors regarding his romantic involvement with singer Taylor Swift, but there is no doubt when it comes to his new pharmaceutical partnership. 

This week, Kelce made an announcement on his Instagram, launching a new video with the hashtag #PfizerPartner. In the video, he is seen working out, going to dinner, and mowing the lawn all while catching a football, doing an interview or hot air ballooning—playing on the catchphrase "two things at once."

At the end of the video, Kelce is shown in a doctor's office with two adhesive bandages on his arm, while the narrator mentions that you can request a COVID booster along with your flu shot. 

Pfizer, along with rival mRNA COVID vaccine maker Moderna, has experienced a decline in COVID booster uptake this year. However, in light of the emergence of new variants and the impending fall/winter season, the New York-based pharmaceutical company is seeking to revitalize booster vaccinations. They are clearly counting on the star power of Kelce and the convenience of being able to receive both a COVID booster and an annual flu jab during the same visit to entice more people.

In his Instagram post, which has already garnered more than 100,000 likes (with comments disabled), Kelce (IG handle: @killatrav) mentions, “With my schedule, saving time is key. The CDC says you can get this season’s updated COVID-19 shot when you get your flu shot if you’re due for both. That’s why I got two shots in one stop! Ask your doctor or pharmacist if it would be right for you. You can also visit CDC’s to learn more and schedule an appointment.”

In the social media post, Kelce states that this is a paid promotion for Pfizer, emphasizing its educational nature. While there is no direct mention of Pfizer's COVID vaccines, the company's logo prominently appears at the end of the video. His first plaster is also blue, perhaps a quiet nod to Pfizer's blue corporate branding. 

Pfizer has increased its marketing efforts for its COVID vaccines and treatments in recent years. Most recently, the company enlisted several celebrities, such as musical artist Pink; drummer, filmmaker and singer Questlove; actor Jean Smart; and Olympic gold medalist swimmer Michael Phelps to raise awareness about its COVID drug Paxlovid.