Klick’s new venture btwelve is a shot in the arm for the industry

In addition to the recent spate of big name hires and massive expansions, Klick has now added a whole, new company offshoot to the mix.

The company, known as btwelve (think: vitamin), is a “venture studio focused on solving the problems of the health industry.” Landing in the juncture between clinical and consumer, the goal is to merge the space between consumer-friendly regulated brands and scientifically respected customer experience. Heading up btwelve will be Dan Drexler, and Destry Sulkes both of whom are medical doctors and have worked at Klick for nearly four years.

“This is really that next piece of the puzzle,” Klick co-founder and Chairman Leerom Segal said in an interview with Fierce Pharma Marketing. “This is a very different engagement model in that it is a venture studio. What we're looking for is companies where we think we can be the difference that makes a difference in the commercialization success."

"Then we're not just helping with bringing to bear the full breadth of capabilities of the Klick ecosystem, but also adding to that some really important components — the biggest one of which is commerce because a lot of these brands are DTC and need that capability to build these relationships directly with their end customers.”

And what about the name — btwelve? “The vitamin can be the sustaining source of energy for people, and that's what we want to be,”  Drexler said. “We want to be that constant chronic energy that's just driving and providing the positive energy for companies.”

The idea for btwelve has been brewing for the past few years, and thanks to some soft launches which has led to early clients such as Seed Health, which is focused on microbiome science and Ostro, a healthcare platform for consumers and HCPs that drives value for life sciences brands.

Sulkes and Drexler have worked together for twenty years and as mentioned, both are medical doctors, but they also have entrepreneurial experience and a combined 40 years working in commercialization. Sulkes had a focus in med-tech and data and Drexler in communications commercialization. They know their similarities and differences work together.

“What we've noticed over that period of time is there's actually been much more of a convergence of our two interest areas coming together,” Drexler said. “We’re seeing a lot—even in the pharma space — more focus on consumer experience, and a much higher need for a more consumer advocacy experience across the board.

"And then you're noticing on consumer side, more of a need for understanding and validation of science. So it's almost like our two areas of interest are really coming together. And we're really seeing that this is where that kind of unmet need area is in these companies that really need to thread the needle between trying to bring that really great, modern consumer experience coupled with still maintaining real scientific validation."

But, of course, it’s not just about sales, Sulkes and Drexler have plans…big plans. “Our mission is something we've been wanting to do all our lives, which is to help our clients win Nobel prizes,” added Sulkes.

Drexler agrees, “That’s our North Star. We want to be in Stockholm sitting in the audience, watching our clients accepting the awards. That's what our goal is.”