Klick adds McKinsey's Brian Fox as head of new commercial solutions business

Klick continues its hiring boom with another impressive addition—former McKinsey & Company executive Brian Fox joins Klick Group as president for commercial solutions. While Klick’s recent spate of high-end staffing might seem unexpected, when it comes to the company’s hires, Klick is playing the long game.

As with September’s hire of Google’s Ryan Olohan, Fox’s journey to become a “Klickster” has been in the works for ages.

“We've known Brian for probably 20 years,” Klick co-founder and Chairman Leerom Segal said. “Brian and I have been able to build a relationship on various boards like the Google Health Board, but also working together on several accounts. What’s really made Brian stand out is through this journey our team has built a lot of admiration for not just what he does, but how he does it.

"I don't think that there's anybody better in the business, or a better athlete in life sciences period—just working on commercialization solutions, with real world problems with some of the leading minds in our industry.”

Fox spent nearly two decades at McKinsey where he headed up the company’s Commercial Practice in Life Sciences, focusing on market strategy, product launches, sales force effectiveness, medical affairs, market access, clinical development and corporate affairs.

He was also responsible for moving into the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning for precision marketing and next best action enablement for sales forces. In 2017, he was named one of the 50 most influential people in health by PR Week and MM+M, thanks to his support in launching some of the most iconic brands in pharma.

In his new role, Fox will spearhead Klick into being a single point of end-to-end commercialization services for clients. And, as it’s Klick, the idea of the culture of the company comes up.

“My first order of business is really learning and understanding the magic that is Klick and then understanding how to build on that and expand," Fox said. "I bring a bunch of very complementary experiences that deepen our experience in some of the areas that Klick has experienced, but they're growth areas, frankly. And so my mission is going to be to figure out how to grow those, expand those, and broaden the impact in a Klick way."

"And so that that'll be the the course that I'm charting over the coming weeks,” Fox said.” I'm super excited to be joining and to be helping live into this vision of end to end commercialization.”