Klick Health video riffs on a Beatles song to encourage people to 'Get Vaxxed'

Klick Health Get Vaxxed still from social media video
Inspired to encourage vaccinations, more than a dozen musicians and singers from inside pharma and healthcare agency Klick Health came together to produce a social media video. (Klick Health)

Jojo was a man who … started fighting COVID by wearing a mask? That’s Klick Health's take on the Beatles classic “Get Back,” reworked as "Get Vaxxed" to encourage people to get vaccinated.

The social media video started with one Klick staffer playing around with song lyrics and talking to colleagues about the vaccination promo idea. The concept grew to eventually bring together more than a dozen musicians and singers from inside Klick to create a social media video.

Staffers jam from their homes on guitars and keyboards—or in one case, on a rooftop—while several singers and a harmonica player tap into the multiscreen video. One drummer is even joined by his young daughter as he plays on a child-sized snare.

Now, it’s got almost 37,000 views on Instagram.

The goal for the Beatles song and the vaccination video is the same—to get back to where we once belonged.

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While the social singalong isn’t a pharma client effort, it showcases the agency’s creativity—which appeals to both clients and potential future employees.

“We really want people to bring themselves to work and showcase the passions they have outside of it, and if it happens to overlap with something we’re excited about, even better," Glen Zujew, Klick’s chief people officer, said. "But this is not a ‘we should do this’ kind of thing, it just organically grew.”

Although not directly connected to Klick client work, the employee effort does sync with some of the pandemic-related work it’s been doing. Klick is the agency of record for Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines (ACTIV) and created the “Rise Above COVID” campaign to help drive volunteers to clinical trials.

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ACTIV is a public-private initiative that includes pharma members such as Eli Lilly, Johnson & Johnson, Moderna, Pfizer and Roche's Genentech, founded last April by the National Institutes of Health to prioritize and speed up the development of coronavirus treatments and vaccines.

“We are a science-based organization and we want to champion vaccines," Zujew said. "We’ve done a bunch of things in our office such as a vaccine education series for employees, but we also wanted to have some fun with it."