Klick Health holiday video debuts with fake launch of all-holiday agency 'Klickmas'

Imagine being trapped inside Christmas 365 days a year. That’s the idea behind Klick Health’s annual holiday pharma video.

With the holiday video in its 10th iteration, this year’s version welcomes a new “agency” to the Klick family called Klickmas. Or as chairman and CEO Leerom Segal, decked out in a red and white fair isle-style two-piece suit, announces: “The world’s first, the world’s only, all-Christmas, all-the-time agency.”

The hyped-on-holiday video features a fruitcake vending machine, frigid North Pole conference room, meetings fueled by hot chocolate and candy, carolers in the elevator, Turkey Tuesday lunches, and workers making snow angels in the hallway. Klick President Lori Grant asks the tough questions as job interviewer: “Three of Santa’s reindeers begin with a D, name them” and “Is Diehard a Christmas movie?”

It’s all festive fun—until it’s not. When the mailman exclaims how lucky they are to have Christmas every day, an office worker pulls him close and implores, “Please, make it stop.”

Klick views the annual videos as an important recruiting tool; in fact, these days every potential employee mentions them in interviews, said Glenn Zujew, executive VP, creative and medical. The videos allow Klick to show off its culture and creativity and dispel pharma and healthcare stereotypes.

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“If you told a creative person they’re going to go work at a pharma agency, they may say, 'That doesn’t sound like it’s for me.' But by us being able to show our personality and the spirit and the creativity, it’s changed people’s perception of what an agency looks like in this space. It’s totally different, and it’s fun,” he said.

The annual fun is also meant to do good. Each year, Klick chooses a charity, with donation amounts determined by clicks and shares. This year, they decided to work with Melanie’s Way, which makes wishes come true for young women with metastatic or relapsing cancer.

Klick plans to donate $1 for each of the first 10,000 Klickmas video shares on YouTube to fund Kate, an MBC patient and former Disney on Ice skater with three children under the age of 10, to take her family on a Disney resort vacation in Hawaii.

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Klick’s holiday spirit goes back even farther than the first video 10 years ago. Twenty-one years ago, the company began sending original, creative greeting cards—including one that featured employee faces photoshopped into a toy factory—to clients during the season.

The looming question this year is whether the video's over-the-top holiday spirit will be enough to break a record. Last year’s video, featuring an original song “You Make Christmas Warm” from musician and YouTube star Andrew Huang—complete with a retro vibe and cool digital effects—has racked up almost 3 million views on YouTube so far.

No matter what, though, the show will go on: Zujew said the creative team is already at work on next year’s video.