Havas restructures health network, creating group named after veteran adman

Havas is rebranding its health network, launching new global agencies as part of a reshuffle that will put most of its groups into one of three offerings. 

The storied advertising and public relations company is restructuring Havas Health to consolidate most of its agencies into three offerings: Havas Life, Havas Lynx and Jacques. Havas Life will work on global health. Havas Lynx will focus on digital health brand transformation. And Jacques will cover health and wellness. 

Havas Life Medicom and Havas Lynx, which recently expanded into North America, are existing parts of the organization. Jacques is new. Donna Murphy, global CEO of Havas Health Network and Havas Creative Network, outlined the thinking behind Jacques in a statement.

“Our belief is that creativity will be the number one thing that differentiates the successful health brands of tomorrow,” Murphy said. “Brands are perpetually looking for new formulas, and the launch of Jacques marks an era of transformation in health and wellness.” 

Jacques takes its name from Jacques Séguéla, who founded an ad agency that is now part of Havas. The adman is known for his work on campaigns for auto company Citroën and a French politician but has a link to the health and wellness space supported by the Havas group that has taken his name.

Séguéla is from a medical family. Following relatives including a pioneering French female surgeon, the adman initially trained as a pharmacist before changing tracks and setting up an agency. The pivot into advertising resulted in a career that Havas said includes more than 1,500 campaigns over 55 years. Aged 90, Séguéla is “still pitching and still winning business,” Murphy said.