Eisai launches 'digital business' Theoria to build out a dementia ecosystem for patients

Japanese pharma Eisai is launching a first-of-its kind “digital business” that aims to help predict dementia while also helping those living with the debilitating disease live better lives.

Eisai, which markets major blockbuster-in-waiting Leqembi for Alzheimer’s disease, a form of dementia, is launching Theoria technologies in Japan next April to “accelerate the development of a dementia ecosystem,” according to a press release.

On the social front, Eisai said that Theoria, which the pharma will wholly own, will “serve as the core of a highly transparent and neutral dementia platform, and the foundation for the development of an ecosystem to empower the people with dementia, regardless of the type or stage of the disease, to 'live their fullest lives,'” according to a statement.

Theoria staff will be comprised of digital talent from around the life sciences world. The business will tap clinical trial data, personal health records and “other data” to build up its own predictive algorithms to seek out those who may be at risk of developing dementia or mild cognitive impairment in the future.

The idea, though not stated by Eisai, would be to see more people at an earlier stage who could go on to have forms of dementia, including Alzheimer’s. If you can get to patients earlier, you can treat them earlier, potentially with drugs such as Leqembi, which would also boost sales.

On top of this, Theoria will also create in tandem with Eisai a new application known as Sasaeru, which will help boost communication between people with dementia, doctors and caregivers by recording activities of daily living (ADL) of dementia patients.

This app, which will initially be based in Japan, allows users to visually capture changes in their ADL while also looking to bridge the gap of communications between patients and those working with them.

More proof-of-concept research will start next year with the aim of promoting nationwide development within Eisai’s native Japan.