'What is the meaning of science?' Astellas asks with latest corporate branding effort

Astellas is debuting the latest iteration of its corporate branding campaign on CNBC.

Astellas is debuting a new corporate branding campaign, asking, “What is the meaning of science?” The ads are part of the next installment of its corporate marketing effort begun in 2015.

In the TV ad, which will air exclusively on CNBC, Astellas employees are shown as a group of cellists playing together outside in a plaza to symbolize the company’s approach to innovative collaboration. Spectators gather to watch and a voiceover notes, “Helping make a difference in patients' lives—that means something to them, means everything to us.” 

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With the campaign now in its third year, Astellas is also adding the slogan “with meaningful science” to communicate why the company does what it does, Astellas company spokeswoman said via email.

“We aim to turn innovative science into medical solutions that bring value and hope to patients worldwide. The advertisement is designed to raise global corporate visibility and demonstrate Astellas’ patient-focused approach,” she said.

The TV ad debut was timed to coincide with Astellas and CNBC Catalyst’s presentation at TedMed on Friday. The breakfast session is a panel discussion about the future of cancer care and support.

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Previously, Astellas aired the campaign exclusively on CNN, this year switching to CNBC. When asked about the change, the spokeswoman said simply that Astellas continues to examine its media mix and may still include CNN in the future. The ad will run exclusively on CNBC “for now,” she said, through the end of the year.

Using employee representatives in marketing has become a popular theme in pharma marketing as companies look to improve their images by showing consumers the real, hardworking and dedicated people behind treatments and drugs. Other scientist- and employee-centric efforts across the industry include Pfizer's "Driven to Discover a Cure" corporate campaign and more recent branded "Dear Scientist" effort, as well as PhRMA's "Go Boldly" and BIO's "Time is Precious."