From cell collection to commercial contracting: Advancements in cell & gene therapy manufacturing (Part II)

This week’s episode of “The Top Line” is the second part of a three-part series exploring the latest advancements in cell and gene therapy manufacturing.

In this episode, Fierce Pharma’s Fraiser Kansteiner interviews Delara Motlagh, head of cell therapy at Catalent; Becky Butler Cap, senior vice president of biotherapies at Vitalant; and Kevin Kyle, CEO of Germfree.

The conversation covers cell collection, the critical first step in advanced therapy manufacturing. They also discuss the importance of locking in process decisions early and how to effectively scale projects from the lab to the clinic and eventually to the market. Additionally, they talk about Germfree’s recent asset acquisition from Orgenesis, which will allow the company to expand its mission of decentralized manufacturing.

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