Fierce 50 spotlight: Social Impact category chair Andrea Park

Social impact is all about the positive actions that take aim at, and ideally mitigate, the vast array of social injustices and challenges that persist in our world today. It is one of the five categories that will shape the Fierce 50

Just as innovation propels progress in various areas, the pursuit of social impact drives meaningful changes in societies, rectifies inequalities and establishes the framework for a more equitable and just world. It is through these dedicated endeavors that we can confront complex societal issues and respond to emerging challenges.  

In the Social Impact category, we’ll honor those who dismantle barriers and work to address injustices, systemic inequalities and various challenges on a local, national or global scale.  

Through interviews with the Fierce 50 honorees, you will gain an understanding of their unique perspectives, the driving forces behind their work and their outlooks for the future.  

Heading up the Social Impact category is Fierce Life Sciences Deputy Editor Andrea Park, who will help highlight those in healthcare and biopharma who have made a transformative impact on society.  

In this video, I interview Andrea, who shares why the Social Impact category is special and what being fierce means to her. Her words give us a glimpse into the passion and commitment that drives the exploration of social impact and the recognition of those who are making a remarkable difference in our world.  

- Ayla Ellison
Editor-in-Chief, Fierce Life Sciences and Healthcare

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