Fierce 50 spotlight: Innovation category chair Heather Landi

Innovation is all about solving problems, and, in healthcare and biopharma, there is an unlimited supply of challenges in need of solutions. 

Constant innovation is crucial, as it drives advancements in medical treatments, improves patient outcomes and paves the way for groundbreaking discoveries that enhance overall health. Staying at the forefront of innovation enables healthcare professionals and biopharmaceutical companies to tackle complex diseases, respond effectively to emerging health threats and provide more personalized and precise treatments to patients.  

For these reasons, and many more, Innovation is one of the five categories that will shape the Fierce 50. In this category, we’ll celebrate those who step up to the plate with new ideas to tackle problems, both big and small, with the goal of improving treatments, expanding access to care and ultimately saving lives. 

Through interviews with these remarkable individuals, you’ll get a front-row seat to their insights and outlooks on the future of biopharma and healthcare. You’ll learn about the obstacles they’ve overcome and what motivates them to keep pushing boundaries. 

Leading the charge in the Innovation category is Fierce Healthcare Senior Editor Heather Landi. With eight years of experience reporting on healthcare technology, Heather has covered and interviewed innovators driving transformative advancements to address the industry's most pressing challenges. 

In this video, I interview Heather, who shares why the Innovation category is special and what being fierce means to her.

 - Ayla Ellison 

Editor-in-Chief, Fierce Life Sciences and Healthcare

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