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Latest Headlines

Antipsychotics hike diabetes risk in kids, study finds

Watchdogs worried about antipsychotic use in children now have more ammo. A new study links the drugs with Type 2 diabetes. Published in the journal JAMA Psychiatry, the study found a threefold increase in diabetes risk for kids who take antipsychotic drugs compared with those taking other psychotropic drugs.

FDA probes long-acting Zyprexa safety after 2 patients die

Two patients have died unexpectedly after their Zyprexa Relprevv injections, and the FDA is now investigating. The agency says the patients died three to four days after receiving "an appropriate dose," and both had "very high" blood levels of olanzapine, the long-acting Zyprexa product's active ingredient.

Mined doctor-patient data gives drugmakers insight for targeted marketing

The recent layoffs of hundreds of drug sales reps mean there are fewer people in the field calling on doctors to see what they are prescribing. But they don't have to--drugmakers have found new tools that actually can tell them more about doctors' prescribing patterns than the physicians even know themselves.

UPDATED: Lilly tells 1,624 their sales jobs are gone or changed

Salesforce cuts are coming down at Eli Lilly, and 40% of its U.S. sales force will be out. According to the company, the drugmaker sent a state Warn Notice to 1,624 sales positions, of which about 1,000 will be let go.

Lilly cost-cutting and price hikes pay off with Q1 earnings beat

The moral of Eli Lilly's first-quarter performance is this: Raise prices and cut costs.

Dr. Reddy's feels hangover after hot Zyprexa launch

India's Dr. Reddy's Laboratories hit the U.S. market last year with a copycat version of Eli Lilly's ($LLY) Zyprexa and 6 months of exclusivity. But now, it is feeling the hangover and had to report a miserable quarter by comparison.

Lilly betting B12 can protect blockbuster Alimta from generics

Most people take vitamins to boost their energy or protect against colds. But Eli Lilly ($LLY) is hoping vitamin B12 will protect it from losing up to $3.5 billion in sales a year.

U.S. branded sales to end 2012 with 3.5% decline

By the time the ball drops in Times Square this year, branded drug sales will have dropped 3.5%. So says a new report on U.S. spending, which pegs this year's decline at that rate--and forecasts an annual decline of 2.6%, on average, over the next several years.

Sales, profits fall short for Lilly's 'ho-hum' quarter

It could have been worse. That's the general reaction to Eli Lilly's ($LLY) third-quarter results. The company fell short of analyst estimates, both on earnings and on sales. Generics lopped off 68% of Zyprexa's sales. Other key drugs didn't perform as expected, either.

Fitch flags big obstacles ahead for Eli Lilly

The credit-analysis firm confirmed the drugmaker's current ratings, but changed its outlook to "negative" from "stable." That's because Lilly is walking toward two big patent expirations, fresh off its recent loss of Zyprexa exclusivity.