Nevada’s Senate has passed a tough new bill that would publicly spotlight insulin makers' price hikes and profits.

Soap operas often include medical mysteries and miracles, but some doctors are concerned about Incyte's connection to General Hospital's latest drama.

As promised, AstraZeneca is forging ahead with its castoff strategy—and this time, rights to an aged beta blocker are on their way out the door.

A fight has emerged between countries vying for the economic lift and status that come with hosting the EMA.

The FDA has approved an immuno-oncology med as a new treatment for bladder cancer—for the third week in a row. Only this one has positive overall survival data…

Dead set on defending its top drug, Johnson & Johnson is taking South Korea’s Samsung Bioepis to federal court over a biosim launch.

Novartis plans to cut 500 jobs in areas like “traditional manufacturing" in Switzerland over the next 18 months and add jobs in high-tech areas.

China's FDA proposed several drug policy changes, Indian drugmakers cashed out on generics and BI opened a Shanghai plant.